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  • Nelson Lambert
    Nelson Lambert

    The 3080 ti now the 3070 ti and now not realizing that LG has messed up cmon linus your slipping big this week

  • Nico G
    Nico G

    This did not age well

  • pop cat
    pop cat

    i really want this would be a dream if i had this pc

  • mikeypl0001

    Never knew about t9 dialing, just tried it on my pixel, amazing

  • weinerschnitzelboy

    Lol at the encryption comment on FaceTime. Yeah, Apple was soooo concerned about “hacking the encryption” when they released Apple Music, Apple TV, and iPhone transfer assistant on Android. They just straight up wanted to give an awful solution for people who don’t use their platform.

  • Kostas Andrianos
    Kostas Andrianos

    I wanted a cpu pillow for so. damn. long, I just went for it. The cost is crazy but oh well

  • Alistair Buckle
    Alistair Buckle

    These thumbnails depicting you reacting like you just received the news that your entire family died in a car crash are ridiculous. I’m not watching these drama videos because you look hysterically fake.

  • HexerPsy

    Wow XD I never knew about T9 dailing and never realized T9 had a predictive branch like that... Who knows what it may change for me...

  • Satelitko

    On the topic of the $120000 Tesla - I can buy a house, a baller PC, every console, a baller TV and audio setup and still have money left over to live comfortably for several years :D

  • Cozmo77837 B.K
    Cozmo77837 B.K

    Ah, yes finally, wireless HDMI cables

  • Simon Blackham
    Simon Blackham

    Could the timeline not be pinned in place for us latecomers ?

  • Mark Lai
    Mark Lai

    17:21 highlight

  • Pete Held
    Pete Held

    LTT has defended the 3090 as being for the market that "just wants the best". This Tesla is similar to that mentality. People with the money get this as a bling statement. Build it and they will come.

  • Hamza h
    Hamza h

    Videos like this make you realize how disconnected Linus and his team are from the consumers. Holy crap thats a trash take

  • Craig Baker
    Craig Baker

    Please do a Chromebook vid where you attempt to use it with ANY (every?) other OS like Linux.

  • john Biscuit
    john Biscuit

    I relistened the intro in 2021... Yeah.... I feel it...

  • Frykauf La Kosta
    Frykauf La Kosta

    T9Dialer jailbreak tweak - just another reason I couldn’t imagine using an iPhone without jailbreak.

  • lunalicrichard

    I think I know why Apple does this thing with Facetime; Apple does not want anything on their device that does not pay them. Probably FT didn't want to pay Apple to be in the store the normal way. It's the same thing as with Epic

  • FreshBoy's videos
    FreshBoy's videos

    I runned this video on 4K on my dell optiplex 7010 lol

  • Pratik Daga
    Pratik Daga

    What I'm more interested in knowing is how has the iPad been setup to use as a ultimate audio source

  • Chris Bryan
    Chris Bryan

    Hilarious !!!

  • Joe gamer
    Joe gamer

    Linus:on a phone you are pretty much limited to what you got here .or Are you😎

  • Knite

    Makes 100k PC "in case we need to upgrade" excuse me what

  • Dark Waters
    Dark Waters

    "Sponsored me to". Can't you just say "paid me to"? Come on. I'm fine with calling videos sponsored, but that was just lame.


    Your earrings are distracting… Are you trying to look like a PNW lesbian?

  • Derek Morris
    Derek Morris

    Linus is fast becoming the corporate shill.

  • Hannan Najmi
    Hannan Najmi

    yoooo linus, why u dont make sleeper pc using all amd?

  • castorilein

    LG should focus on the durability of their monitors , LG 27" LED 27UD88-W broke exactly after the warranty ended with red and burned in corners on the panel . reading customer feedback it seems to be a common issue.

  • HeLLo Ethnic
    HeLLo Ethnic

    It's x6 times more expensive than MSRP in Turkey, sad :(

  • Lorevet

    Linus please stop... you are completely out of touch on the 3080Ti. It was a really bad take, admit it and move on. You can stand on the side on the manufacturer no problem in that, just stop being a reviewer, because review are pointed at customers, not at companies. You can also promote scalping as you did on the wanshow, just don't try to retract it later saying we should be mad at scalpers... Take a stand, you can't just juggle between position to fit your narrative. As I cansumer I don't care if the company makes more money or if the retailer/scalper does, every chip used for a 3080Ti is a 3080 Nvidia won't produce, that's the only point of 3080Ti. The "half the GDDR6X argument is just laughable, since the same day Nvidia presented the 3070Ti wich utilize all of the "saved" GDDR6X memory modules for no f**king reason other than rise the price (and 5% more performance). Please stop.

  • Eoin Moran
    Eoin Moran

    Linus, the superchat tab autorefreshes after a certain amount of superchats

  • TN GentleMan
    TN GentleMan

    linus plz stop bulling children

  • Mehdi Acho
    Mehdi Acho

    Linus really baited us into that segue with absolutely no shame 😂

  • Patrick Ludger Bourassa
    Patrick Ludger Bourassa

    Apple allows U to say Ur not driving and access Ur phone when it automatically thinks Ur driving. More ways Apple is better than Android

  • Thumper

    Keystoning is a retail sales term. This is when everything you sale is marked up at a flat rate of two times wholesale cost. I pay 50 you pay 100.

  • Jesse Boddaert
    Jesse Boddaert

    Did Microsoft knew that Chromebooks could be the next mainstream computers when they invested so much in GamePass? Pretty smart MS

  • krigar_b

    Ok boomer

  • Super Sophisticated
    Super Sophisticated


  • Sal3600

    Linus acting like he didn't take direction

  • Kane

    Me, playing the video at 144p: ...

  • duhmez

    Locking out the text typing maps while the car is moving, isn't that probably for the greater good? Diopshits all type when drivint and are a HUGE hazard.

  • knownas noone
    knownas noone

    My Android has T9 dialing. and 666 is for MOM.

  • RealGilbertGan

    12:55 Imagine if Linus' face is like that in GMod.

  • SUTV

    I normally hang on your every word for sometime now but this one was the worst. Confusing, slow moving and extremely inaccurate with a sea of confusion you put forth. Boo.

  • Alex S
    Alex S

    Thanks for covering this

  • Hugo Olloman
    Hugo Olloman

    And I thought Linus wasn't going to double down on anything this week, but here we are again. The problem with your 3080ti review was that it was overwhelmingly positive. You're meant to be giving consumers technical reviews, with appropriate comparisons. You failed to do that.

  • Gerry

    Wow, I didn't knew I had T9 dialing (and that it existed), it's great

  • Mlt

    xD i only got an GT 710

  • Super Sophisticated
    Super Sophisticated

    Linus is baby.

  • Simon

    Still rocking the GTX660 (please send help, I’m up to 3k hours in Portal 2).

  • 4 hour depression nap
    4 hour depression nap

    I'm 90% sure facetime on android through a browser is a play by apple to prevent epic getting their store on ios. apple's argument so far has been "it can be done in a browser" so you don't need an app store

  • Gerbill742

    T9 predictive sounds really handy, but as an iPhone user who never calls people I’m not missing it. But I can see why people would find it handy.

  • Mac Pierce
    Mac Pierce

    A year later and you can get a new ender 3 on sale for around the same price. this thing has no point at all anymore.

  • HexerPsy

    Cant wait for LG to suck back their statements XD

  • Patrick McNulty
    Patrick McNulty


  • osman tigig
    osman tigig


  • Sunny Ost
    Sunny Ost

    Teslas have the gpu for autopilot and stuff, it's not like they include a separate console in the car. It's already there, they just allowed you to use it for games, so why not?

  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson

    The 3080Ti is only good value 'in the current market' if it maintains a reasonable resale value for a reasonable period of time. I imagine people will have different ideas about how long or what price retention is acceptable, but if you were told you would only get 33%, of its purchase price when you came to sell it, how long would you have been using it to feel like you got adequate 'value' out of it?

  • OwO

    But can it run crysis?

  • Daryl Nicklen
    Daryl Nicklen

    I'm mad at all those people who STUPID enough to pay the prices asked for GPU's at this time. Why is it people complaining about prices and pay it anyway. Don't pay hold out and prices must lower eventually.

  • Lea Waller
    Lea Waller

    Apple should just make a FaceTime app for Android that has a monthly fee. That way the still make money but don’t need to make it purposely annoying

  • Sam Janssens
    Sam Janssens

    you dont consider that expensive ?? 1200 per room ... 250 for a 16 year old semi supported gateway ? lol ... rich douch

  • TheSickness1234

    How big will the wave be, when all the GPUs come back out of mining (no matter the reason)... considering production been running on rev limiter for all this time? 🤔

  • Jones David
    Jones David

    What it the total budget

  • Mr Feast
    Mr Feast

    Thank god for my new RX 6700 XT red devil ...... which I paid 1000 USD to order it from outside the country FML

  • Will, The HomeSchool DJ
    Will, The HomeSchool DJ

    Been listening on my podcatcher for a while. Luke’s camera looks great

  • Hendrik Schepkens
    Hendrik Schepkens

    Loved this video ;-)

  • Dvd Kon
    Dvd Kon

    Linus explaining annotations makes me feel old (and I'm really not)

  • Hɪɢʜᴡᴀʏ Tᴇʀʀᴏʀɪsᴛ
    Hɪɢʜᴡᴀʏ Tᴇʀʀᴏʀɪsᴛ

    Next time unbutton the top button of your shirt. You look Amish.

  • Antti

    Who swept floors for an hour of wan show?

  • tomy t
    tomy t

    I did not know apple did not have t9 that's sad

  • Super Sophisticated
    Super Sophisticated

    You touched me.

  • Sam Janssens
    Sam Janssens

    6!=7 ...

  • MrLusca

    Is the gamer program available to people from countries outside north america?

  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson

    Why did they keep going on about the price of a hypercar (Model S Plaid) just to get a Navi23 😅? I mean I know scalper prices are heading in that direction, but if you just need that GPU in your car then just get long range Model S for much cheaper 😂. Also, doesn't the screen pivot so you don't have to sit weirdly? Also, aren't kids a thing? Don't they have their own screen so they can play in the back while on a drive? High 5 figure cost cars are fairly common these days so doesn't that mean people are being ripped off that don't get a console built in? 😄

  • hemant meena
    hemant meena

    Only in government offices 😂 bcz politician get commission from this brands

  • CED99

    T9 dialing - wait iphones don't do that? Also apparently I dial like Linus

  • EgaoKage

    Microsoft clearly didn't get as many suckers to do the whole subscription thing as they thought they would. So, obviously, it's time to transition to a new version of Windows, that _only_ comes in sub-form. So, that's what; about two billion people who will making the switch to Linux in 2025? Leaving Microsoft free to _burn in hell,_ with the likes of Adobe and Autodesk.