AMD's New CPU Socket Just Leaked! - WAN Show May 28, 2021
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Timestamps (Courtesy of Vulcānus)
0:00 Intro and Topics
3:06 AMD AM5, LGA, DDR5 and DDR4
11:43 PCIE Gen 5, Intel Alder Lake
19:49 PGA to LGA for AMD
23:20 Facebook sues India
32:23 Bill C10
35:21 Super chats
38:30 Sponsors
Anker Nano II Charger, PDFelemnent, .TECH Domains
40:42 Personal stories of early interactions with tech
42:45 DinoPark Tycoon
43:57 USB C 2.1
46:45 LTT Store, new shirt
47:49 Winget
54:33 New version of Windows incoming
58:25 Steam leaks and hardware
59:55 Amazon "ZenBooth"
1:06:31 16gb iPads
1:06:55 Super chats
1:08:46 Scrapyard wars/PCMR
1:14:58 Birds
1:15:59 His hands...they are diamond
1:19:01 Beat sabre bet
1:21:46 Bye

  • OprahsKankles

    The squeamish direction univariately strip because paperback temporally amuse minus a helpful mail. chunky, painful control

  • Jojo DiAc
    Jojo DiAc

    Ok winget is just straight up amazing if it works in the same way that it does in Linux!!!

  • Thule Gezelschap
    Thule Gezelschap

    Just bought a 5900x.. rip

  • Melvin

    Good vidéo !!! Do you think the am5 socket and lga and ddr5 Will realy improve fps like more than 10% faster???

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams

    LTT northern lights wallpapers to match the deskpads?

  • Dani Elefteriadis
    Dani Elefteriadis

    New camera has more noise despite larger resolution sensors? Just watercool it! :P It seemed to work for the RED camera...

  • AltaZepsta

    Scrapyard wars: I think you guys kind of missed the entertainment value taken away from it. Watching the challenges overcome, or not. The hustle on the streets. Learning a few new tidbits on some hardware capabilities that are out there in the budget market. It was good entertainment. Most of us already know the money management take. For some, it might be a valuable lesson. But with zero exaggeration, Scrapyard wars is what brought me to the channel. And I have been waiting an awful long time through new unobtainable hardware reviews for more. Personally, I enjoyed the lower budget challenges. I am sure it takes a lot more work to put that segment together, but you know, maximum effort.

  • AltaZepsta

    Amazon zenbooth. Formerly known as an outhouse without a hole, or the public shaming box. Dumb.

  • Trif 55
    Trif 55

    Thought work isn't suitable for full bore 8 hours, the human brain isn't capable of that. Manual labour is, think about the past i.e. working on farms was a day of work, the limits are only physical endurance and the expectation is a long summer's day of continuous labour with breaks to drink, farms don't need these people anymore so they're in warehouses, they only have to do 8 hours

  • Felix Maximilian Hoffer
    Felix Maximilian Hoffer

    @Linus If you want to move a window to a different display from the current location, press Windows + Shift + Arrow Key

  • ph4nt0m

    I have that mobo

  • SuperNova.WS Project
    SuperNova.WS Project

    "Should I obey law if I don't want?" (c) facebook

  • Guandalar Zapato
    Guandalar Zapato

    Too much soy face.

  • Rayvick A
    Rayvick A

    I'm a trucker too and you should make the pc vibration proof

  • Patrick Ryan
    Patrick Ryan

    Working on hydroponics and grew up on a farm.

  • Majik Messiah
    Majik Messiah

    I've watched the scrapyard wars episodes more than once

  • Matthew Hackner
    Matthew Hackner

    Say linus for the windows getting stuck off screen thing. 9 times out of 10 if you highlight the icon in the taskbar and then use the windows key + the arrow keys you can move around the window.

  • Kunal Vaidya
    Kunal Vaidya

    I really liked and appreciate Linus for making a good observation on farmers and govt situation in India.

  • GCAT01 Living
    GCAT01 Living

    OMG, who has the clicky pen or whatever. It's driving me crazy! Usually I don't mind those things (I'm a clicker myself) but it was very distracting.

  • Rand al'Thor
    Rand al'Thor

    What 16 gigs?! Cries in recently upgraded to 8 gigs

  • Sci Tech
    Sci Tech

    in ref to 57:14 , press alt+spacebar , even though you cant see it, tap down cursor arrow key twice hit return (move selected) and use the cursor keys to drag it back over from the direction you think its gone , the move function anchors the window to the cursor, absolute old function

  • M B
    M B

    About the asrock boards. The one i had did have ddr1+2, agp and pciex but it was even cooler - it supported both sata raid and ATA100-133 natively plus it had a floppy connector :)))

  • salih komut
    salih komut

    I do agree with Luke that winget doesn't really change anything for most users. Even for advanced users, such as myself (full-stack developer) it doesn't really change anything because I and most poeple I know have been using chocolatey for a long time and will continue to use it. But it is heading in the right direction maybe the windows terminal will become as powerful as the linux terminal in the future.

  • Zakiyo

    Farms good

  • Bob Schuon
    Bob Schuon

    Well, it's not ok for the (fill in the blank here) government to demand criteria for their services in that country, but it's ok in my country, because they would never do that. Well, lately they have, but..... Your road paving is coming along quite nicely. Hope you are satisfied when you reach the final destination.

  • David Imrie
    David Imrie

    Stuff stuck off screen? Make sure it's the active app then windows key + left & right arrows

  • v1m30

    Package managers, the cancer of Nix systems. Oh it's out of date, oh it's not in this distro in their database of software for this package manager. Oh each distro has it's own manager with different commands. It's a never ending mess. Honestly the best install method is give me an archive to download and unpack, done, no installation, just run the program. No crap being written into hidden files in the OS anywhere, the app being moved and copied to secret Nix directories all over the drive, and so on. Wanna delete it? Select folder, delete, done. None of this install uninstall mess which truly is a mess.

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh

    24:40 Uhh Linus, did you realise that if you leave aside the stupidly emotional side of the narrative, the new Indian reforms are actually critical for the agricultural industry to survive the next 100 years? Sincerely, Someone from an agricultural background

  • ツ

    If a window gets stuck off screen you used to could right-click it in the taskbar and hit "move", but now you can still use Win key + arrows, or Win key + shift + arrows

  • S1lentSt0rm

    "Greater Economic opportunities for developers" is just marketing speech for "easier, faster, more encompassing tracking"

  • S1lentSt0rm

    Should really just be what the users want to consume, rather than forcing stuff like that. If I don't care about French content at all then I don't want to see any of it for example.

  • Darkdodger137

    Why has no one created a modular motherboard with a swappable socket? So anyone that likes the board could buy it and use Intel or AMD CPUs.

  • Empyreal

    The coolest thing about Scrapyard Wars wasn't actually the PCs. It was seeing you guys out in Vancouver, interacting with people and visiting interesting places. If you can find a new project that gets back to that, I think we will all be pleased.

  • SuperWhisk

    21:13 I recall a video where you described jamming a little ball of tinfoil into the hole where the missing pin was, and apparently that worked for many many years (it was never disassembled again).

  • Morty McMort
    Morty McMort

    Steam link dead? 🤷 I use it pretty often. Sort of, if I have to. And for slow paced games. But on shield with GFN, which is soo good compared on graphics. But link is not dead

  • Möebius 2k
    Möebius 2k

    I like how the volume of The WAN Show is always dogshit.

  • LowJack187

    They need a new pin design on MBs.

  • LowJack187

    Why are there only 28 pci lanes on the new chip?

  • LowJack187

    Luke, just shave that peach fuzz off until you're old enough to actually grow a beard.

  • whitedra119

    I am a millennial born in 93 and I stray from the group. I own 1/3 of an acre and I detest living in apartments.

  • Mostly Penny Cat
    Mostly Penny Cat

    These people just seem to be thug handed with their CPUs. Just don't damage your CPU or motherboard, take a breath, pay attention and stop dropping shit!

  • Tajl3r

    at least Luke knows how not to overwork himself or at all

  • J4ki3B0i23 ._.
    J4ki3B0i23 ._.

    Wan show now pls

  • Andrew Lane
    Andrew Lane

    What would have been a huge benefit of PCIe 4/5 for consumer is that we could have split the x16 into x8/x4 for multi-GPU support while still having all of the bandwidth (and more) required to feed modern GPUs. For example, a PCIe gen 5 x16 slot could be split into 4x x4 slots while still retaining roughly the same bandwidth as a x16 PCIe gen 3 slot for each. Unfortunately multi-GPU support is all but dead so my point is irrelevant.

  • Mickey Mishra
    Mickey Mishra

    26::41 this is standard practice in America and in fact it doesn't even require a warrant in America in order to do in fact any person who is a part of the government can call Facebook where there are police officer investigator or just the government official and asked for this information to be faxed over to them

  • Duncan Hansel
    Duncan Hansel

    They could just hitch winget into the backend install process on the "new" Windows coming up at the end of the month.

  • Tonymaine

    12:19 my actual motherboard exactly

  • TTV_ anderson chickens
    TTV_ anderson chickens

    linus is my daddy

  • Joshua Klarr
    Joshua Klarr

    Do you think Amazon docs your pay for the amount of time you use the sad box?

  • notthere83

    "This many smart people working there" (About Amazon) If "this many" is maybe around 10, then I agree. Because the only reason Amazon stays is such a success is huge scale at adequate quality. Prices that are just aggressive enough and customer service that is just decent enough. But really, they have no clue about anything other than that.

  • ziv

    Mobo pins are so shit if you bend them, it's highly likely you will break them trying to fix them. and they break more easily.

  • Arno

    56:45 you know what still looks good? macOS.

  • Jean-Luc Picard
    Jean-Luc Picard

    Never do 60fps. Saps power on mobile and I doubt YT will ever include the option to choose.

  • Artwertable

    Linus @52:34 it is 2021 no one should use CMD anymore. Use PowerShell instead.

  • Shawn Elliott
    Shawn Elliott

    People need to stop calling stuff like this "leaks". It's not a leak. It's an official release of information, presented in a way as to make it seem unofficial. Also: LOL 1718 pins on the AM5 socket. At this point the motherboard is basically just a breakout adapter for the CPU socket. Does anyone else remember when motherboards had a significant amount of specialized processing power built-in to support the CPU's functionality? My first computer was an AMD 286 and it had 64 pins.

  • Dalton Brennan
    Dalton Brennan

    Minimum wage if it had kept up with inflation including cost of renting and or buying a home should be closer to $25 an hour actually I would say if it kept up with the housing market it should be closer to $35 an hour however whenever you're looking at the average food and basics like that it hasn't gone up that much however it should definitely be closer to $25 an hour at least

  • Dalton Brennan
    Dalton Brennan

    Meditation is helpful however better pay and being able to you know take a restroom break or take a normal break without worry that you're going to get marked against or you know being able to work at a reasonable pace without worry that you're going to get marked against and decide to work faster than you can possibly keep doing for months on end

  • Aurorah

    If your window is stuck on another monitor, click it in the task bar, then press "win + shift + left/right arrow"

  • lane welsh
    lane welsh

    16 megs of ram, and a Pentium 90

  • lane welsh
    lane welsh

    Wing commander 4

  • JavaMan

    If WinGet is done well, it could handle automatic updates for all programs it installs. That would increase security for most users.

  • Ian Vickers
    Ian Vickers

    I'm sure the pins on a CPU are easiest to repair, but I find that it's easier to *prevent* damage to an LGA socket than a PGA CPU.

  • Kunzopolis

    It sounds like one of you were clicking a pen repeatedly during the show. Can you please refrain? Would greatly appreciate it if you could also not make fun of people who have issues with disruptive noises as well. Thanks for the consideration. Feel free to check google or wikipedia for Misophonia, among other disorders. cheers.

  • Amir Saeed
    Amir Saeed

    Keep going Linus, we joke a lot but you guys are the best tech content creator online(at least that's what I think) keep going.


    Dope wars. Google it

  • Daniel Pope
    Daniel Pope

    There is never a valid excuse for a government passing laws against encryption. That's the government saying it is illegal to have a private conversation.

  • Sir Snowman
    Sir Snowman

    around 56:00 "I don't like boxes" .....meanwhile in a box.

  • l0ki4321

    Use Win10 since upgrade few years ago and never used the Windows Store even once.. i go to the Websites and download, install my programs manual like 20 years ago too

  • am3rgam3r

    Hey, how did miss information literally kill people??

  • WolframaticAlpha

    48:04 hey that's me.

  • Luredreier

    I hate that they've switched to LGA... But it might not be avoidable...

  • Emperor

    I get that LGA makes economic sense but I just find its much easier to break LGA from a bad mount and the way AM4 drops in via gravity is a breeze.

  • 4 hour depression nap
    4 hour depression nap

    "mobile despair closet" got me

  • Stephen Ball
    Stephen Ball

    "Ama-Zen" booth == Nap pod?

  • Eleras

    Whoever keeps clicking a pen needs to fucking stop. Jeez... I'm listening to the podcast version with ANC headphones and the clicking is fucking killing me!

  • Luuk Lamers
    Luuk Lamers

    New LMG Channel: DIY Tech Tips

  • OprahsKankles

    The bumpy forecast morally wrestle because pumpkin dolly undress apud a labored effect. roomy, terrible tablecloth

  • Alex Kramer
    Alex Kramer

    What is the difference for a camera (wo)man to shoot 30 vs 60 fps?

  • ZoneCracker

    The world is becoming a prison.

  • OprahsKankles

    The redundant lake unprecedentedly fire because secure pathogenetically shiver mid a delightful ocean. complete, useless divorced

  • DirtyGrim3zGaming

    cant saturate gen4......... fk it we can do 5 LMAO

  • Stephen Ball
    Stephen Ball

    "AM5 is alive!" Oh, wait... LGA? "Ixnay the GALay!"

  • Sky Trainer Lucy
    Sky Trainer Lucy

    Skylake sort of had DDR3 support, I had a 6600K with a Z170 board with DDR3 but if I remember correctly it was kinda janky

  • Ricky

    Live stream: Linus explaining his life away, meanwhile Luke: Listening 45% of the time and giving minor input at any moment linus asks.

  • bob jones
    bob jones

    i like boxes i hate rounded boxes.I don't give a shit if os is "pretty" i want it to work snappy

  • Jay M
    Jay M

    So you would have people quit over wanting to stau with crap 30fps? Asinine no reason to not be uploading in 60. Well, let them quit. Won't miss them.

  • Randy ChavezJr
    Randy ChavezJr

    Wait, why don't the camera guys want to film in 60? I don't understand.

  • Retired Millennial
    Retired Millennial

    Amazon should let them go to the toilet to destress...or just put one in there I guess.

  • Retired Millennial
    Retired Millennial

    FB protecting data lol. They just want to be able to sell it to them same as apple...

  • techmasterjoe

    LGA 775

  • DigidyDOG Gaming
    DigidyDOG Gaming

    How is Microsoft making money with windows 10? Are they collecting tons of data?

  • Micah Bedford
    Micah Bedford

    1151 socket has some mobos with ddr3 + ddr4 support

  • apoclypse

    Winget would be cool if we can do what apt-get can where users or vendors can setup their own repositories. That would cut down on all those independent update services running all the time when you install an app. I doubt many vendors would use it since they want to control their own update and distribution but apt-get makes it super easy to update all of my installed apps and drivers system wide. I thought Windows already had a package manager of sorts. I know I've pushed out software via powershell but the commands are a little more complex than apt-get install, update, remove, etc so Winglet is probably using the same backend but with a new frontend.

  • Kindanyume .Kindanyume
    Kindanyume .Kindanyume

    C10 is BAAAAAADDDDDDD and must be stopped it is modern day version of 1930s Nazi Germany dept of propaganda!!

  • Kindanyume .Kindanyume
    Kindanyume .Kindanyume

    Oh and lesson here Remember Blackberry that had the killer system for messages and then they caved to the UAE (iircc) and that sent them into a death spiral

  • Kindanyume .Kindanyume
    Kindanyume .Kindanyume

    so long as FB does not have a physical presence in the country then they do NOT need to abide by that countries laws.. hence why the draconian pos dmca is meaningless shit outside the US borders much to some assholes dismay

  • Kindanyume .Kindanyume
    Kindanyume .Kindanyume

    PA is far better than LGA for consumer use.. so this is a BAD move for amd imo It also makes it far more likely for systems that get damaged needing to be completely disassembled since it usually means pulling the entire mb LGA for servers/highend work stations is ok since those are almost always physically being assembled by professionals in IT like myself and not dropped left right and center by linus..

  • Raifsevrence

    The myth that you don't need $1,000 to build a gaming pc and enjoy pc gaming. *laughs in 2021* How bout those $6,000+ pc's you need to actually rock new games in high res. Those $3,000+ gpu's...

  • Kevin Foltz
    Kevin Foltz

    My uncle was a VP for a prominent MLM company and I started working in a warehouse at the same company. He asked me to have lunch with him and I told him i only have 2 15 minute breaks through out the day and he was astonished that he was able to go out to a restaurant and eat lunch while the labors guys worked straight through 8 hours.