Intel: Core i5 Will Beat Ryzen 9... - WAN Show May 14, 2021
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Timestamps (Courtesy of StarsMarsRadio)
0:00 Intro/Topics
2:31 Intel announces mobile chips
9:40 Laptop Battery life
13:31 Who are gaming laptops for
16:36 Frugal Luke is frugal
20:24 Gaming laptop downsides
22:22 Nvidia 3050 and 3050ti
29:14 AMD fidelity fx super resolution
30:48 Sponsors
33:26 Linus GME status (Diamond Hands)
39:42 Apple Vs. Epic Games
48:11 Tesla no longer accepting bitcoin/Mining/Environmental topics
1:01:35 Vaccines
1:04:49 Amazon fake reviews
1:07:20 Lukes Hammer Update
1:12:51 Comments/Super chats
1:18:44 Bye

  • TabalugaDragon

    "3050 in laptops will be amazing" what the heck is wrong with you, Linus? Are you seriously implying that 4GB of video memory is enough nowdays? Heck, watch his 3050 ti performs in AC Valhalla at ultra settings, it's fricken 6-8 FPS while a 4 year old 1060 shows 20-30 fps in there. These 3050\3050 ti are a disrgrace and aren't worth it at all. And if all you play then a 1660 ti laptop for the same price is perfectly fine.

  • Sean Toh
    Sean Toh

    Thank you so much Dr okouromi the herbal medicine you sent me worked perfectly well now I'm free from Cancer....

  • Cracked Gaming Clips
    Cracked Gaming Clips

    When you first buy a Tesla and go to the gas station!

  • Darrian Weathington
    Darrian Weathington

    I would love to see Linus to make a car tech channel and collab with some of the Grand tour guys, Linus and Richard would pair real good, Anthony and James are a good pair... and Jeremy could... be Jeremy. perfect. make it happen. #POOOOOOOWEEEEEEER

  • jorge_cloonez

    55:02 lmao i love how linus has zero time for musk apologists

  • Bonsai Banana
    Bonsai Banana

    of course elon's doing it because hes an idiot theres no way it would be a meme unless someone else came up with it first

  • Jako1987

    Don't buy multitools for general purpose. Because independed tools are always better and cheaper altought you have to buy more tools. Multitools are good if A: you have a particular job what you do often and that tool is sufficient B: you don't have the space or you need it to be light and some tools is better than no tools

  • NightHawkNH

    14:10 Here's why that argument doesn't really work out. A gaming laptop is more expensive because you are buying more physically. With a laptop, you get speakers, mouse control, keyboard control, webcam, microphone and a display all attached into one device. That's why you can't just compare the price of a laptop to a desktop so simply. You should more so compare a laptop to a desktop gaming setup, containing a mouse, keyboard, monitor, and audio gear

    • Dillon Lane
      Dillon Lane

      While a good point, as with anything that's an integration of various basically unrelated parts (completely different manufacturing process etc) the quality of all of those things that are included are going to be hampered significantly. A laptop microphone or speaker setup isn't in the same ball park as even a dirt cheap desk/lapel mic or a pair of $35 bookshelf speakers, for example. So while your starting point is sound, the conclusion you draw from it still falters in the same way. It ultimately comes down to case by case what parts will actually work for your use case, and what you'd need to buy extra anyway because what's included is insufficient.

  • Dan The Bullet Dodger
    Dan The Bullet Dodger

    "It's like a really good wine pairing with a 980ti." That killed me and Linus's reaction didn't do that joke justice.

  • The King
    The King

    Luke why your headband is not symmetrical

  • OprahsKankles

    The truculent bassoon physiologically list because ethiopia partially wriggle across a tiny oatmeal. mammoth, magenta clave

  • Frego24

    58:00 The argument that other industries are wasteful too is just stupid. Classic whataboutism. Just because others do shitty things, doesnt mean you also can do shitty things. Crypto so far is horrible for the planet, and hasn't been very useful as a currency at all. And people are starting to hold businesses also more accountable (though still not very much, which is similar to crypto: you can still mine it).

  • Netram C
    Netram C

    For the love of god! Stop bashing your keyboards when you're having a conversation.. I turned the video off because it was so freaking annoying!

  • Olof Nilsson
    Olof Nilsson

    I've had 2 big laptops that held at least 5-6 years each I needed it because my parents are seperated and live in different countries, and I was on campus when I started univerity equivalent I've had my 3rd big laptop for 3 years now They cost around 1300€ each time I am setteled now and I am considering getting a tower when the gpu stocks get back :) EDIT : My 1st laptop wasn't good at gaming but it worked, the 2nd could game somewhat good and the 3rd is decent for someone that handt gamed at more than 1080p 60 fps :P

  • Someoneelse

    That ABC book for gamers, is"C for (crypto)currency you will need (se L for Lootbox)" and "E is for Epic, as games can be, but Epic is also failures as you all can see"

  • Kienan Vella
    Kienan Vella

    re: mining energy cost - the real issue is scale. if you look at the current power consumption of different crypto coins, lets suppose all crypto collectively accounts for 1% of all electronic financial transactions worldwide. it probably isn't even close to that, but lets say it is. So now take the current power consumption, and multiply it by 100. There's NO WAY, with the current cryptocurrencies that we can ever get to a point where crypto will replace all other electronic financial transaction technologies without the repercussions being dire.

  • 0ecka

    So, all this global warming is just a lot of hot air produced by cryptomining? :)

  • WidgyAinz

    Moving your arm a couple hours after the shot has been my experience with a lot of vaccines. It's how it goes when you inject a small part of a virus and have your body fight it into said arm.

  • Black Fox
    Black Fox

    What investment app is he using anyone knows ?

  • TheAimbot9000

    Crypto "wastes" electricity? how much electricity is wasted running the global network of servers that manage banking, stock markets and other financial services?

  • Miff

    Linus: "cryptocurrency has no uses" -2021 Hmm, might want to look into that a bit more from a global point of view. 5 billion on this planet with no banking services available to them. Crypto can provide that with nothing more than an internet connection

  • Corinne Breuer
    Corinne Breuer

    The tense pharmacist notablely attract because soup pathologically whip to a general gentle indonesia. obsolete, lethal vietnam

  • Miff

    Mining stops in 2042, and if crypto is then world currency that replaces all other fast transfer systems think of all the energy that will save. Also factor in the 5 billion people who currently don't have access to any modern banking, how much infrastructure does bitcoin save by not having to build out that type of infrastructure. Starlink plus crypto can bring those services global

  • J H
    J H

    Down vote every Linus video where he makes that click click sound with his mouth

  • Joel Ferguson
    Joel Ferguson

    Say whaaaaaa????? I5 beat ryzen 9???? Um, no. Sorry that's such an enormous load of horse shit it has it's own gravitational field.

  • Spike20101000

    The reason Musk is dumping bitcoin is because the hype train has run out of steam. The value has been doing nothing but dive for some time now, and he's losing money through it. You'll note he's playing other markets though, and people on a drop mention are buying and the price is shooting up. Its speculator activity at its worst.

  • Taterisstig

    "yeah screw those fake reviews"... As I eye all the free stuff in my setup😂 But actually I do it cause I do like the products as would have left a 5 star anyways so the way I see it is free stuff for things that I would have bought already like the AIO I have

  • Wilbur

    I just have to say. I'm a developer and have never really had a gaming desktop or laptop in over 15 years. Next closest was my 8 year old Lenovo wtith GT 635M AND 2mb vRAM actually - basically just for running Adobe software a little more conveniently. BUT now I managed to get a not so expensive (still on credit with insurance though) ASUS TUF FX505DU running a RTX 1660 Ti and play most games very successfully. Haven't bothered with Cyberpunk, because it's jus ridiculously expensive and I have many titles that I got on specials (or from Epic - god bless them) that I still have catch up on :) So I guess budget or any gaming type laptop is for poor developers in poor developing countries XD

  • Alan Jurisich
    Alan Jurisich

    Ironic Elon is worrying about the added pollution through the grid power consumption of mining when Tesla is trying to main stream EVs

  • Just Alex
    Just Alex

    It would be cool if you could increase the sound of the video guys. It's always a little too quiet and I wish I could listen to this while I commute

  • Nate No
    Nate No

    I've been a gaming laptop gamer since the gtx 970m. I like to hook my gaming laptops up to my own big screen or friends and families big screen TV. I also like to game while sitting on the couch or in bed. I use my laptop at a desk or table when I'm doing homework lol. That being said, this time around I'm in a more permanent house with an extra room for a man cave and I definitely want an rtx 3090 since they aren't available in laptops and I have the space. I've been a pc gamer since amd 300mhz cpus and voodoo video cards. I spent many years lugging around a tower because I couldn't afford a laptop when I was that young. In the future I'll have a desktop for one place and a gaming laptop if I'm traveling.

  • J G
    J G

    proof of space and time does sound more awesome... itll take 7 years to get a coin but screw it lol i dont think elon cares either!!! lol

  • Anthony Chopra
    Anthony Chopra

    Linus looking like a horror movie eh. haaha


    The Thumbnail LOL

  • Tim R.
    Tim R.

    1:02:17 Exactly my thinking. That's why I spontaneously got AstraZeneca 2 weeks ago. No one wanted it and I asked my doctor about it and he said "sure, but only AstraZeneca". Just take it. It's save.

  • Will Leary
    Will Leary

    "Children of divorce who want the best laptop they can possibly fit in a backpack so it can just go from desk A to desk B a lot" is *not* a small subset of people that's like half of all kids these days lol

    • Dante S550 10R80'S
      Dante S550 10R80'S

      It's actually a really large group of ppl. I was one of the only kids in school who didn't have split up parents. Mom was divorced and remarried before i was born, but still.

  • Muhammad Rahadiansyah
    Muhammad Rahadiansyah

    Lmao, Intel better than AMD. Nice joke

  • Sean K
    Sean K

    Lithobraking only with GME?

  • ProXis

    haha i can tell you why he suddenly cares :D hes trieng to get a fab working in germany, and we are going forward with a lot of carbon taxing which includes conversion for production transportation and one thing addon is services rendered to the factory which is going to be split across the sold products...sooo if your paiment suddenly consumes energie we could tax you for it as carbon equivalent via average electric co2 production/kwh :D:D:D do that to much and you get lynched by your CFO and COO xD PS: and your marketing dudes adn gals xD

  • William


  • Robert T
    Robert T

    Looks like Elon was trying to inflate Dogecoin ...

  • Robert T
    Robert T

    It’s not just mining, Bitcoin is an inefficient form payment in terms of computing power for transactions. This is also wasteful for energy and the environment. There are plenty of better more efficient crypto currencies.

  • Robert T
    Robert T

    The WAN show often puts spotlights on ewaste.

  • Johannes Fuchsluger
    Johannes Fuchsluger

    4 months for the second shot? I only have to wait 3 weeks...

  • Shawn McCown
    Shawn McCown

    "That's no moon! That's a space station!" - Beltzer

  • Marcin Berman
    Marcin Berman

    Gaming laptop downsideS: you buy entire computer, and you might have needed just a GPU upgrade.

  • Thanny

    The 7970M was the fastest mobile GPU at the time it launched. And it used 100W, same as the slower GTX 680M.

  • Derek 58
    Derek 58

    It’s interesting how far behind Canada is with vaccinations compared to the US. 12 year olds can get it here but Canadian adults are still scrambling to find it.

  • Graphics Card
    Graphics Card

    0:36 Elon… Linus: having a stroke

  • Anna Svensson
    Anna Svensson


  • L. Alp M. Schiesser
    L. Alp M. Schiesser

    Apple vs EPIC case, literally; -My spoon is too big......... my spoon is too big, my spoon is too big. +I am a banana!

  • El Has Music
    El Has Music

    That YT TOS change that puts useless adverts on everything has been implemented, AND NOBODY TRIED TO STOP IT.

  • Jzwiz

    I remember buying mpow headphones cause they had good rating... but when i went to use them they seemed really cheap and bad and they always had a rate us 5 stars for cash back but dont tell amazon or its void. So ofc i told amazon and got my refund lmao. Glad they are being banned

  • max qiu
    max qiu

    Isn't the whole Elon musk Bitcoin situation just a pump and dump?

  • patpatboy2

    Linus is married and has multiple children, yet 48:19 may have the power to restart the "Is Linus gay?" rumors lmao

  • gawky

    no amount of facial hair will mask your low t

  • Ridge

    1:02:55 I got my shot and I had something similar. But I play so much gosh dang beat saber that I didn’t really notice lol

  • TheCod3r

    Elon isn't accepting bitcoin any more... Because he already inflated the price with his market manipulation tactics on twitter and he's cashing out 🙄

  • Jules L
    Jules L

    Why is Linus talking to Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant?

  • Joshua Bramble
    Joshua Bramble

    4 months to get the 2nd shot!?! in Australia im about to get shot 1 and im booked for shot 2 3 weeks later.

  • Bill B
    Bill B

    Of all of the sidekicks, I like Luke and Andy the most, because they have interesting thoughts that are worth the time to watch. Plus the new girl that Linus built a PC with recently, because she isn't afraid of Linus.

  • wrxkyle

    at 57:30 there is a lot of wasted energy being used to mine crypto as well, like vented/flared natural gas that is being burned in open air either way as it can't be used, instead they feed it into a generator now and power a stack of crypto miners. esp if they run the exhaust through a catalytic converter that's even better for the environment. a TON of our energy is wasted, it's easy to regulate usage rates and miners can scale up and down speeds and power use depending on energy availability, so that all night the energy can be cheap in the summer when community usage is low but when prices are up during the daytime/peak hours where every single ac unit in the city is at full blast the miners are not taking down the grid either.

  • am3rgam3r

    I want to be clear, I THINK Elon did wake up and was like “let me see, (as an experiment) I bet I could manipulate the market.”

  • Bradley Methorst
    Bradley Methorst

    Hey man, I come from a divorced parents situation, it feels like Luke didn’t seem to find it a funny joke based on his back-hold reaction and somehow I totally understand his feelings about the things that happened in the past, not every divorce goes as easy as others, some go like “Allright, I don’t feel the love for you anymore, do you think the same? Yes? Okey then, I don’t see any reason to be together, let’s divorce!”. But on the other end, some goes in fights with not only the partners being in fight but most of the time the whole family gets involved into the situation.

  • Alex Stedman
    Alex Stedman

    honestly linus, as long as you don’t start doing shitty things as a person, i don’t really care what you do.

  • Alex Stedman
    Alex Stedman

    got the alienware 15 r3 with the 1060 6 GB, it ran at like 65 degrees, and has been perfect for my use case of flying to and from school

  • PUBG Mobile
    PUBG Mobile

    That’s a no from me on the shot.

  • DrFrostyBuds

    When u mentioned buying GME that first time I was yelling to myself NO it will be a big loss. I day trade and anyone who trades could tell u that a horrific time to buy unless you constantly watch and plan to sell soon. Ive made a lot on it but I just buy and resell over and over for 10-20% gains, but don't believe in game stop at all its a horrible investment. At this point u might as well hold forever if game stop does it right it could go up over the long term Apple really is a morally shit company and it's sad all the sheep are brainwashed No offense but you don't know much about cryptocurrency and bitcoin. Proof of stake and proof of work.the majority of mining is on renewable energy. It's not Elons fault that sheep react to him, they are ducking stupid people who shouldn't be investing The bitcoin move is a shrewd move to get more carbon credits and fix the problem. Linus keeps saying not needed and wasteful about bitcoin. You don't understand it or you would have a different opinion. Do a deep dive into it and u will truly understand the impact the network will have on the world You should see how Much waste there is when the fed prints money. All the electricity, employers, air conditioning, paper, etc, etc

  • derpyKitsu

    I have a gaming laptop; honestly the best thing about it, in my opinion, is that I can bring it with me when I visit friends' or family's houses. Being able to connect it to the family tv to play with everyone, but also being able to use it after get kicked off the tv to let others use it

  • d k
    d k

    LOL the super rich guy that founded electric cars, responsible for pushing lithium mining one of the worse polluters cares about the energy consumption waste of cryptocurrency, capitalist and gonna buy cheap sell high... this is such basic crypto manipulation...

  • am3rgam3r

    Luke, how long have you worked with this man??!??! And u still bein shook about how good he is at transitioning to sponsors!?!?

  • mario

    “Did you got your jab”.....when was this a question ??? This should not be a question to go back at work. Not saying you shouldn t get the jab, but it is non of your business !!!!!!!

  • Zid Bits
    Zid Bits

    Gaming Laptops die quickly because of heat. Longterm excessive heat kills everything electronic.

  • Guido Carello
    Guido Carello

    That is no redistribution of wealth. Thats just dumb. If you wanted to redistribute wealth there are tons of propper ways to achieve it.

  • Grimur Norddahl
    Grimur Norddahl

    I used to have a big chunk laptop when I went to a school where I needed the computing power but wanted to bring it home from school every day I stead of leaving it at school all night

  • Preston Collins
    Preston Collins

    Decentralized they said, funny how the global bonds market has been decentralized well over 100 years -_-.

  • JStudios

    Btw the gas shortages were bad

  • JD Fackler
    JD Fackler

    I had a similar reaction to shot #2 as Luke did. He described the muscle sensation really well

  • Larry Ross
    Larry Ross

    21:20. Excellent use of the word "janky". Like catywhompus, a much under utilized word to describe SNAFU.

  • Freak

    Good luck with that vaccine, I'll wait and see what happens to you all in a year or two when the real problems start showing themselves, but the sheep will still buy the BS being spread by the govt and media. Good luck guinea pigs.

  • Pedro Jose
    Pedro Jose

    The backpack become a laptop

  • Pedro Jose
    Pedro Jose

    How about a backpack laptop

  • Tams80

    18:16 Most people, but most importantly the people who can afford such laptops are not students carrying them around all the time. The appeal is for people who need to move from time to time who either don't have the time to set up a whole system (military personnel for example) or just want something you can close, plug and go with, without having to worry about packing it properly. Many of those people also don't have an interest in building a PC, or at least that PC. And the battery, even though not great, is enough to act as a UPS.

  • Beken Hagyjal
    Beken Hagyjal

    Luke's leg shaking is super annoying. :s Also Elon says boo crypto its bad for planet earth... well, arent spacex the one that wants to make people travel by rockets from a to b on earth? Hows THAT not environmentally problematic..? Elon is manipulating the market. Thats all. That all he does nowadays. 59:00 Just reacting to Linus' smartass smirk: There is NO clean energy on earth, except the one that we probably wont reach ever (coldfusion). Solar panels are at this point basically not recycleable (noone will recycle it for the price it would cost, also that would not be a 100% recyce, there would be still trash left.) Wind power again, using materials that are just not recycleable, etc. There is NO clean energy. So yes, the dam is not very good for the environment, but neither any other renuvable is perfect.

  • OprahsKankles

    The adorable elephant mechanically complain because fur admittedly note sans a jealous wasp. whole, dazzling holiday

  • TonGi018

    Thanks for recommending Titan Fall Luke!

  • Bvbs

    Astrazeneca is terrible, I would rather not get shot if that's the only one available

  • DuckofFail

    LOL Hammer with a steel handle, every swing is going to resonate painfully right into your arm. No thanks

  • -TheFirst- media productions
    -TheFirst- media productions

    I think the conversation about the crypto currency environmental impact is a good topic, when I started thinking about it I kept thinking well how much does mining materials for coins and the cost of printing money cost like how much has that industry effected the environment over all. We have been using physical currency for a very long time im sure its gotten more efficient over time but honestly what has the environmental impact been from mining ores like copper, zinc, nickel and all that or the crops grown to produce paper money which is all just fiat currency anyways with a arbitrary value assigned to it. Its also only recently in the scope of things that green energy has been a thing so for the longest time we have been using fossil fuels to make money. I feel in the long run crypto still has less of an impact because they arent out there digging minerals out of the earth which I would say has a much larger impact. Just my thoughts on it...

  • Hjorth87

    I totally agree on the miners vs renewable energy point. It's a bit of a double egded sword, though as we gamers can hardly claim that our hobby is a valid consumption of said energy either. I don't have the numbers though, so I don't know how much energy the gaming hobby consumes.

  • Supericy

    What headphone does Linus use?

  • Syrade

    Awesome i have been wondering this same thing about the water bottle top

  • Holski77

    i thought for so long they said "same bat time, same bat place" at the end of each video, and i never got why there were making batman puns XD, i just now realize that linus is saying bad, not bat lol

  • Dennis Nguyen
    Dennis Nguyen

    Speaking of user benchmark, I had a customer return/exchange their RTX 3090 because their user benchmark RANK dropped by over 100

  • Andrew Frink
    Andrew Frink

    @14:40, desktop replacement, been using them at work for 10+ years now. It's great 90% of the time it sits on the desk doing it's job. Then 8% of the time it's traveling to a factory, or customer site, or what have you. and that last 2% of the time is/was work from home or in a conference room meeting or the like.

  • theultinate504

    0:00 "da'

  • Michael Bellini
    Michael Bellini

    I got the moderna yesterday. But it put me out of energy for at least 24 hrs. But my arm wow

  • Lorenzo Monteon
    Lorenzo Monteon

    Linus stated exactly why I would invest in a laptop. They do have use other than I want to play games in the car or something weird.

  • Michael Bellini
    Michael Bellini

    Just sell Linus. We love you. We don’t want you to lose money.

  • The B4R
    The B4R

    As a teen I hauled a crappy dell desktop and Xbox to friends all weekend. I had no knowledge of upgrading stuff then.