Should I Take NVIDIA Back?
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Nvidia’s got interesting ideas for managing the silicon shortage, and their latest tactic is to improve supply by making the RTX 3090 obsolete. A bold move - Could it work?

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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:53 What even is a 3080 Ti?
2:14 Test setup \u0026 gaming results
3:24 Productivity results
4:54 Thermals \u0026 power
6:16 Nvidia's rationale \u0026 new attitude
8:06 Pricing
8:28 It's $1,199
8:39 Hashrate limiter
9:55 Conclusion

  • Hamza h
    Hamza h

    Videos like this make you realize how disconnected Linus and his team are from the consumers. Holy crap thats a trash take

  • MrLusca

    Is the gamer program available to people from countries outside north america?

  • Doc Ark
    Doc Ark

    Goodbye. Unsubscribed after years of following you. This was just ridiculous paid shill job.

  • Chris B
    Chris B

    I bought the 3080ti. It was the only card i could actually get at european msrp (1199 euro/1460) dollars. I rather paid that , than pay 800 dollars for a 3060. I had a 960, so i needed an upgrade. So its nice to finally hear a less salty review. Everybody knows pretty much every card is overpriced. This will not change anyway for a long time. Who knows, this is the new normal. Times change. It sucks.

  • Game Tech
    Game Tech

    This video feels scripted by Nvidia. You can't really be that positive about an overpriced, garbage-value GPU.

  • Necropants

    Doesn't matter my 2080to still has better graphics because 3Dvision mods still work with it. (Yes I'm salty)

  • justanotherpxrson *-*
    justanotherpxrson *-*

    You’re saying this apocalypse will end? I didn’t think there was a chance of it going back to normal.

  • Rhayr Harry
    Rhayr Harry

    Terrible review, but that's only an opinion.

  • Gerald Fountaine
    Gerald Fountaine

    You did take them back 🤦🏼

  • Jacob Baker
    Jacob Baker

    Out of stock vs out of stock vs out of stock. Great comparison 👏

  • ShotsFired andMissed
    ShotsFired andMissed

    No. It ain't worth it

  • freeman Zweidreifünf
    freeman Zweidreifünf

    the bad taste of this video doesnt come from what linus SAID, its what he is not saying. If you dont compare this card to a 3080, or the lower rest of the product stack, you are actually practising NVIDIAs own marketing rather than sticking to your viewers intrest. The 3090 and 6900XT are stupid products, comparing any card to them is like telling people: "its atleast better than getting robbed lol" .... - dear Linus, that was a big mistake


    Yuck, this is basically just some slimy nvidia pr guy talking through linus. LTT is becoming the bottom-barrel tech channel for zoomers and uneducated peasants alike. No wonder they are starving for money every second, they can't help but lie and cheat their way into respect. Not sad they will never get it.

  • Dave Weldon
    Dave Weldon

    I've been watching LTT in one form or another for years now. It's now all click bait, install honey, buy Nvidia overpriced crap and stuff from the LTT store. Hopefully they'll go back to the old days of being consumer advocates, but I suppose scale changes everything.

  • Rick White
    Rick White

    Fuck these comments are hilarious. Linus is clearly a Shill for Nvidia and AMD and Intel and MSI and Cisco and Xbox and Sony and Tesla - Makes a positive video obviously shilling

  • whiteandnerdytuba

    Pretty big channel to not shoot after finding out the price since it changes the video

  • c p
    c p

    I wish more companies would just be transparent and stop talking to us like we're console players

  • James Nail
    James Nail

    It seems you've been setting high on your golden throne so long you forgot the job of the reviewer should be to look out for the average customer, Jay and Steve still seem to remember this.

  • True North Minis
    True North Minis

    I've been a big LTT supporter but if their "Reviews" keep going this way I'm going to have to unsubscribe and stop supporting my fellow Canadians.

  • blitzwaffe

    To summarize: Linus: The RTX 3080 ti is a cheaper version of the RTX 3090 and actually makes sense for gaming unlike the 3090 which is really a Titan. It is a must buy at MSRP because despite its unappealing MSRP, the actual market value of these cards makes MSRP obsolete. Steve (Gamers Nexus): The RTX 3080 ti is an overpriced RTX 3080 and cannot justify itself through its performance. MSRP may not seem relevant, but market value still uses MSRP as a price floor and therefore still matters. This is Nvidia trying to get a slice of the reseller market. No one should ever buy this card for MSRP or higher.

  • Ryan Sullivan
    Ryan Sullivan

    I don't think that this is a bad review I just think Linus *really* didn't expect it to cost over $1000

  • Strider

    And officially unsubbed from this paid trash review. Looks like Nexus, Jay and Digital Foundry are the only honest reviewers left.

  • edgehogR

    Linus just screwed himself with confidence.

  • TiagoTiago

    Bad segue indeed. But hopefully, Ting and other advertisers are familiar enough with how your weird/lolrandom/cringe/antijoke segues usually add a positive humorous touch to the sponsored segments. If it helps; if I hear some brand dropped you because of this failed segue joke, I will think less of them; even if this fail wasn't just a one time thing, anyone with a brain that looks into your work should see clearly that you're significant net-positive, associating positive emotions to the advertisements very consistently with your humorous segues, not to mention how your presence and own brand tend to imprint by osmosis on the sponsored subject the overall fondness and respect your audience has for you.

  • richilarious

    Linus screwed the pooch on this one

  • ctgamer

    Linus you’re so out of touch it’s becoming insane. This is nothing but a bad take.

  • Phr3akisH

    This kind of felt like an Nvidia infomercial, very disappointing.

  • A Chuck
    A Chuck

    The amount of dishonesty and clickbait is getting insane. At this point you've become so big that you're just as bad as the outlets you were the 'good' alternative to. Guess heroes do live long enough to become villains after all. At least there's Jay and Steve still being honest and true.

  • dexter0010

    oh yes let me spend double the money for 10 extra fps thanks! Oh and can't wait for UE5 games and my 2000 euro card can't play 4k at 60fps yaay

  • ibz man
    ibz man

    Unsubscribe from this channel as he even attacks legitamacy of others with no good grounds. Very poor. He cares about big corporations making money instead of giving good advice to people in this turbulent time. He is not a reviewer but an influencer. Straight up.

  • corey williams
    corey williams

    The price to performance value just isn't here when it comes to gaming, just as it wasn't there with the 3090. the 3090 has a second case use scenario in which 24GB frame buffer will have it's use while the 3080ti's 12GB is a marginal improvement at best. even if I had bottomless pockets of money to afford any PC parts I wanted I still would op for the 3080 over the 3080ti and the 3090. mainly because I'd still have the same mindset that twice the price for %10-%15 performance does make sense to me. saying it's price is okay because of the way the current market is completely tone deaf.

  • Scott Birkinshaw
    Scott Birkinshaw

    Are they reading these comments? I scrolled for 30 minutes and didn't find one positive thing from any of your viewers.

  • Diamond xDragons
    Diamond xDragons

    The only good thing about these new 30 series Ti cards is the scalpers will be more focused on those instead, still doubt I'll even get a chance at grabbing just a normal 30 card.

  • Scott Birkinshaw
    Scott Birkinshaw

    It seems you guys Heavily criticized the 6700xt For it's terrible value. These new Nvidia cards are in the exact same shit value boat. Nothing but nice things to say? I'm getting suspicious and I'm seriously considering turning off Linus media group

  • Bryce Trinka
    Bryce Trinka

    lol linus shilled harder for nvidia than their sponsor

  • qwormuli

    So wait, how much were you paid for this again?

  • Skinnymcgees

    Not a good look IMO with this review and then stubbornly double down on the WAN show. Have some self-respect and take the L on this one!

  • Jan Witkowsky
    Jan Witkowsky


  • Fuad Sarwar
    Fuad Sarwar

    3:44 WTF! How come RTX3080 offers better value than RTX3090 on Photoshop and After Effects!!??

  • Aditya Bhusari
    Aditya Bhusari

    I just watch LTT for timepasa😂

  • Darkauscus

    You should try and review things from a real word perspective.

  • Iron Maiden
    Iron Maiden

    Lol I one of those .00001% who upgraded from 2080 ti to 3080 ti

  • Vilmos Süveg
    Vilmos Süveg

    Dear Linus is this good pc for the money?The PC:Ryzen 3 1200 16gb of ddr4 3000mhz memory wraith stealth cooler xfx Rx 570 8gb Thermaltake Versa h17 Asrock A320M-DVS R4.0 Kingston a400 120gb ssd seagate barracuda 1tb hdd Coolermaster elite v3 500w? All this for 515 euros or 630 dollars with shipping.

  • XG Caras
    XG Caras

    Those computer components are sick and im probably good with building them then i hope i can build my pc- oh wait im just a 15 year old who is just a geek at pcs just by watching these vids

  • Lucian P.
    Lucian P.

    Tone deaf, hit and miss...:(

  • Andrei Gaspar
    Andrei Gaspar

    Lol linus, i dont know where you see the value, but 3090 pricing is high as hell but at least it can be used to work with, 3080ti is nowhere near close in performance. 3090 is not for gaming so compare them in gaming benchmarks is silly.

  • B

    Should I wait for the next series of graphics to come out or do you think prices will have gone back to normal by then for rtx 30 series

  • elcouz

    Please stop doing reviews and stick with what your are the best ... Entertainment and drama.

  • FuryXHD PC
    FuryXHD PC

    who was looking at 3090 for gaming...if they wanted 3090 then money was never an issue and makes the 3080ti is even more stupid. 100% agree with other reviews condemning the price to performance ratio. i love linustechtips but this leaves a bad taste on my mouth.

  • Zane Waits
    Zane Waits

    Lots of people in the comments are pissed at Linus for having a different opinion to other reviewers.

  • Joseph Lawhorne
    Joseph Lawhorne

    This card at MSRP only makes sense if you were already planing to waste your money on a scalped card AND you actually can find one at MSRP to buy.

  • MrTrustUK

    What a crap review and horrible consumer suggestion… this card, better the whole 30xx is horrible value. Please quit doing “”Reviews”” and stick with entertainment.

  • Son37Lumiere

    Once an nvshill, always an nvshill.

  • iSicariuZ

    Please go check yourself for brain damage Linus why would you recommend buying something if you don't even know the price. Thank god tech Jesus at gamers nexus exists to enlighten us with the truth.

  • Bamassacre Gaming
    Bamassacre Gaming

    Everything would be better if everyone had a limit of 1 GPU. Too many people are greedy.

  • Bamassacre Gaming
    Bamassacre Gaming

    Did you mean to put Fahrenheit instead of Celsius at 5:20? Boy I sure hope so, minimum would be ~100 Fahrenheit MINIMUM!

  • TheDiablosix6six

    Nvidia are the fucking Scalpers now and ur saying it's a good idea to buy even if u could get it at 1200...lost respect for linus!!

  • Firelsa200

    Even at that price, I wouldn't buy it if I could get it at MSRP, It's a bad price no matter what you try to tell me. I just wish you went back to telling us to wait instead of acting like these prices are ok and please stop shilling out to Nvidia like they did something amazing even though they just released a new GPU like they always do. The first LTT video I truly felt was heartless, and knowing you, you won't back down from what you said. Next time please just make a video that was well thought through and wasn't recorded before knowing the awful price.

    • G GG
      G GG

      Well said.

  • Cameron Johnson
    Cameron Johnson

    Linus, please return the money that nVidia paid you for this review and go back to creating vidoes like you used to. Your content lately is slipping

  • Dan Ciujdel
    Dan Ciujdel

    You need to wake up LTT. This was a very disappointing review and "The WAN Show" even worst. You are here because of us, not because of NVIDIA.

  • Michael Garand
    Michael Garand

    If we ever run out of toilet paper again just come back to this review.

  • aenoire

    Yeah maybe a bit much pricewise but 3080 isnt quite enough performance for what i want, 3090 is too expensive and not enough for what it is

  • JunTheBeast

    why don't you guys benchmark any activision games like cod or overwatch

  • Helder Almeida
    Helder Almeida

    It will be another 5 years before gamers get a hand on this graphics card because of scalpers buying them by the thousands

  • Man With A Mic
    Man With A Mic

    LTT has been becoming more and more tone deaf as of late. GN actually puts far more time into their reviews and are way more self aware than LTT

  • JuSt sOMe GaMeR
    JuSt sOMe GaMeR

    bullshit man, the 3080 is still winner here in terms of performance/price. this crap cost 70% more for what, for only 10% it's faster ?? nice gimmick you selling to us, unsubcribed

  • The Vetox
    The Vetox

    Im not sure about the tone of this video given than this is a 71% price increase over the 3080 for an average 10% performance increase

  • squishylime

    these videos are becoming less and less useful and less and less interesting over time

  • Frankonstein

    Why the fuck they have to change the title and thumbnail? I was having trouble finding the video. It's so, so fucking stupid.

  • JW

    I only had to pay 2000 for mine yayyyy

  • AndyNZ

    Was the 3090 promoted as a gamers card?. Not that I noticed. The 3080ti is a rip off. Compared to the 3080, how many extra $$ for what % gain.... phhhft. Piss take Score for this review = F for FAIL

  • JoeCensored

    Almost double the price of the 3080 for just barely more than a negligible performance gain. Solid buy, right? Right?

  • Fortheribbles

    Nvidia...bigest scammer ever

  • Tonyisepik1

    How much did the little n and big V pay him?🤔

  • JoeCensored

    For anyone who questioned how an abused spouse can stick with and even defend the abuser, show them this video.

  • Mr5050

    Linus working for nvidia now ? This review made no sense ....

  • Keith Mofield
    Keith Mofield

    Well like Daddy Jacket you fucked over your street cred. You been heavy on the cash influence for awhile now. This only goes to show when i said years ago, "i don't like that corp youtuber" I was right.

  • buttery

    Linus: we are not as rich as you dude 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Hugo

    Facts don't care about your feelings. Goodbye. 980ti - $645 1080ti - $699 2080ti - $999 3080ti - $1199

  • traitoR142

    Linus now has more money than brains.

  • neilcoo

    I still don't regret getting a 3090FE.

  • jonlaw16

    8:20 Making a review before you know the price of something is not acceptable. This review is on the level of Tom's hardware "Just buy it!" article for first gen RTX cards. Flat out sloppy. This whole video really feels like LTT staff assumed the price would be $999 and then quickly edited in the *literal 2 second clip* of Linus's disappointed face. How can Linus state at 10:00 that "If you can get one at MSRP, it's a no brainer!" without knowing the price?? Yeah the current GPU market is hell, but even "once the dust settles" and everything is available for MSRP, the 3080Ti still won't be a good option over existing cards.

  • bdfunk88

    "Good price"? $1200 for a gaming oriented video card will never be a "good price" in my opinion (same thing with the 3090, even though its a Titan stand-in). Also we won't see it at that price for who knows how long with all this scalping. I've seen them for anywhere from $2000 to $4000 already. I've not disagreed with a review like this in a long time. I understand your position, but I don't feel as though it represents what the majority of PC gamers think or can afford to pay.

  • Kurt

    Linus forgot to mention nvidia as the sponsor of this video.

  • Hexley Vexley
    Hexley Vexley

    This is embarrassing...

  • TheRealPadla

    Does Linus really just believe ANYTHING Nvidia tell him, or is he paid to lie?

  • Edge64

    Today I was at the GN site and I have another comment for you. YES I made negative a comment on LTT for their review on the 3080 Ti. Before doing so I pulled all the benchmark numbers for the 3080 and the 3080Ti. I used the numbers from 5 separate youtube review sites Gamers Nexus, LTT, JaysTwoCents, Paul's Hardware and Hardware Unboxed. I averaged the benchmark numbers and found a 9.1% performance increase for the 3080Ti over the 3080. I mentioned the questionable 10% performance increase (9.1% in my findings) for the 70% boost in price, based on Nvidia's MSRP. I stated that for me and based on my findings, the 3080Ti is NOT a great value over the 3080. LTT's recommendation that the 3080Ti is a good value was based on it's performance and price to the 3090. My comment was based on my wallet and what I can get performance wise for the best price for gaming, that would be the 3080. I stand behind my view and comment to LTT. At no time was any other review site mentioned in my LTT comment. I find Nvidia in this instance to be Suspect at best and misrepresenting the 3080Ti performance value at worse. The 3080 and 3080Ti are aimed at gamers, in my opinion. The 3090 is not based purely on gamers but more to the graphic intense workload environment. So hearing LTT misrepresent the actual information in a Gamers Nexus review and try to negate what was actually stated by GN to boost LTT's suspect review. Good job LTT, you are sounding more and more like the BS marketing teams at Nvidia et al. This shade that was thrown at GN and the questionable "recommendation" for the 3080Ti proves my comment that LTT was WRONG in their 3080Ti review. Hey LTT, with your team of minions you should have been able to make a better argument for GN. Instead you went off and misrepresented Gn's info in their review of the 3080 Ti. That is on you Linus. GN - 3080 vs 3080Ti price to performance. LTT 3080Ti vs 3090 price to performance, two completely different review strategies. LTT didn't bother to do it's homework before throwing shade. It would seem your Canadian is a bit... wanting. Just WOW Linus.

  • WantedDude The Indian Gamer
    WantedDude The Indian Gamer

    Bete tum to bik gaye nvidia ko

  • jim glass
    jim glass

    linus when the dust cames down we will have a 4090 ti in 12 mounths

  • Nathaniel Gray
    Nathaniel Gray

    No one should buy a 3090 for gaming, period. It's stupid and has been since day one. The RTX 3080 Ti is garbage compared to the 3080 in performance per dollar. This is trash. Linus is trash.

  • jim glass
    jim glass

    lol linus £2500 for a rtx 3080 ti in the u.k. good luck with that

  • MegaUnavailableusern

    So when prices are back to normal. You think 1200 vs 1500 is significantly lower? While you lose half the vram?? And my god 12gb is barely enough for 4k. Not hard to go over that. This guy is a fraud downplaying 24gb.

  • PrinzSeptim II
    PrinzSeptim II

    >50% more cost for 8% more perf vs my MSRP 3080, no thanks!

  • Sean

    "This video is brought to you by our daddy: Nvidia. As we don't give a shit about you loser!!! All we Care is dirty money"

  • Orlando Concepción Flores Silva
    Orlando Concepción Flores Silva

    Yeahh same as ever great paper tiger launches... nothing on in stock, for it seems getting a good CPU with APU (only AMD for a while) is the only way out this year, and the next?? well I guess this will give Intel more time for a future APU in their product line (finger crossed)

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith

    Buying a 3080 Ti is like buying a 300$ Ryzen 5 5600X - overpriced haha

  • Lafalamirr10 Dede
    Lafalamirr10 Dede

    Linus is TiED to NVIDIA

  • GallowsHumor

    Damn I came here just to see the crazy amount of shilling. Guess people sellout all the time

  • Cmace

    Amazing that you can put the 3080 and the TIE on screen and not compare the two and ask "is this worth another $500?"