Android 12 is here and I like it
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At their I/O conference this year, the Google team announced Android 12 and along with it, a massive redesign with loads of new personalization settings, privacy features, and performance improvements for your device... and this time you can actually try it on non-Pixel devices!

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:00 Material You \u0026 Color Extraction
1:55 New Animations \u0026 Lock Screen
2:30 Homescreen \u0026 Quick Settings
4:03 New Gestures
4:39 Performance \u0026 Backend Improvements
5:35 Privacy
7:21 Rapid Fire
8:43 Conclusion

  • Raniel Gorospe
    Raniel Gorospe

    I hope android will have longer support of os just like ios and be still smooth phone even its ah 3 years old phone .

  • kordesha

    If they really cared, they would give us Blackberry style security. Where I get to choose everything the app is allowed to have access to and not what the blanket permissions the app and app developer says it needs.

  • Kuran Mcqueen
    Kuran Mcqueen

    Don't like the 2 line use of the clock... I hope there is an option to change that... Rather my clock tell the time straight across..

  • Melanated Godd
    Melanated Godd

    Wonder if the LG G8 thinq gonna get it....probably not im fucked

  • kepariyo

    And here I am still using Android 10...

  • Home Cactus
    Home Cactus

    Oh nice. So now Android is racist (Just a joke, no need to break a keyboard)

  • Md Safikur Rahman
    Md Safikur Rahman

    I've to buy a new Android phone to get this 12 update😑



  • Ladislav Josephs
    Ladislav Josephs

    Lose the Eminem hat and pretending to be comedian.

  • Tedi Paduraru
    Tedi Paduraru

    What about the sound software for pixel5 ? I use a third party app to improve slightly the quality. All this and they left over the most important thing

  • E

    we’re on iOS 15 or at least me I’m using a beta but we’re on iOS 14 Why are you so behind android?

  • Peter Chen
    Peter Chen

    4:34 You just have tap on the back the device, not specifically the finger print sensor (it uses data from the phones sensors like the accelerometer)


    messenger app always crash on my vivo s1 android 11, i really dont know if the messenger or os is the problem?

  • Shakthi Nandan
    Shakthi Nandan

    Material YOU makes me think of Passionfruit's YOU™

  • Husam M
    Husam M

    Thats actually really nice to see Its nice to see how competition between iOS and android pushes both to new innovative features

  • Aron Council
    Aron Council

    The abortive opinion feasibly bruise because spider congruently stroke per a rebel sailor. omniscient, earsplitting sunflower

  • Mike Maskarinec
    Mike Maskarinec

    So close to saying quick bits🤏

  • Shop Express
    Shop Express

    Here you will find exclusive offers

  • Indify.

    Fun fact: Android 11 already has a "Notification history" shortcut right in the notification shade. For those of you who haven't turned it yet you can do so by simply opening the notification shade tap on "Manage" then toggle notification history to be on and next time you open up the notifications panel if you scroll all the way to the bottom of your notifications or clear them all you'll see a little thing called history if you tap on that it'll take you directly to your notification history.

  • Behzad Jalili
    Behzad Jalili


  • David Molina
    David Molina


  • Matthew Bell
    Matthew Bell

    Currently running Andorid 12 Beta on my Pixel and it is really good! I really like it, it feels like the OS has got some really attention. Nice job Google!

  • Kuu haku
    Kuu haku

    actually you can with a magisk module....the color theme stuff

  • Mr. Yeet
    Mr. Yeet

    I wonder if this'll work with a custom launcher like Nova, the color palette customization i mean

  • Preeyen Mistry
    Preeyen Mistry

    Can we tqalk about how Google is becoming like Apple, Chrome requires extra clicks to add a damn bookmark on PC and Chrome mobile has moronic tab groups which cannot be switched off... forcing crappy changes. I have tried the flags and enabling the older tab menus but it doesn't stick.

  • Tomy Arif Utomo
    Tomy Arif Utomo


  • Mixed Mag
    Mixed Mag

    me laughing at this because half of this shit was already in IOS well before this Google I/O

  • Jason Paypa
    Jason Paypa

    Sana all ,,

  • nicholas1300

    hello, please add Russian subtitles, plz

  • FullOutKarmaArchives

    Ah yes, 2021, Where major device companies (e.g. Microsoft, Apple, & Google) begin to make their OS look like their Rival.

  • Tony Gilbert
    Tony Gilbert

    This was a good video from LTT. Thank you. My only comment is to stop doing stupid-looking title cards. I waiting a long time and reluctantly clicked on it after 11 days of it being posted.

  • Weslie Global
    Weslie Global

    I don't know. It doesn't look good to me (especially the new quick settings bar)👎😞

  • galactic princess
    galactic princess

    as a galaxy user... this is boring.

  • FusioNFro

    The notification history button has been on pixel 3 since Android 11

  • عبدالله عتيق
    عبدالله عتيق

    I want the nfc toggle back

  • Jude Wilfred Piacidad
    Jude Wilfred Piacidad

    Why nobody’s mocking android for copying the one hand mode of ios? Yeah I know, it’s not big deal because it’s android. Clown android suckers

  • Kees de Jong
    Kees de Jong

    My Pixel 3 running Android 11 has most of this stuff already. Probably because of the feature drop updates.

  • MrLightning YT
    MrLightning YT

    Is it only pixels?

  • Tou Yang
    Tou Yang

    Turn the heat up if you're cold!

  • Magnus Moslet
    Magnus Moslet

    Well, just got android 11, cant wait to get this just before android 13!

  • Sebastian Maldnado
    Sebastian Maldnado

    Do you know how I can update my Samsung a10e from t mobile to android 10 I have not got the update and I really want the update so please respond if you can.

  • Someone You Never Know
    Someone You Never Know

    Why the fuck I was unsubscribed from LTT? That's why I feel like something is missing from my feeds

  • Uderscore

    I'm out of the loop, have android phones brought back a nice default built-in entirely offline method of playing a library of digital music files on your device, or still clinging to some ridiculous push for "youtube music" as the standard as if that fulfills the same need?

  • Gemson Dordas
    Gemson Dordas


  • Luca L
    Luca L

    Definitely not a fan of the new design, looks more like iOS, and I never liked any of apples designs.

  • Aiman Nizam
    Aiman Nizam

    3:20 Oreo already have that ._.

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez

    Why couldn't they call it android snickers

  • Arttu Karppanen
    Arttu Karppanen

    I want to pick out that stray hair from Linus' shoulder sooo bad!

  • Hayden Rogers
    Hayden Rogers

    It would be cool if AMD made phone chips.

  • Duckbilled Walrus
    Duckbilled Walrus

    Have they got scrolling screenshots yet?

  • Long balls Larry
    Long balls Larry

    I hate how they round the corners on everything

  • Sander Hoogwerf
    Sander Hoogwerf

    Does 12 support dual sim ringtones on Pixel 4a 5G? Or still only one ringtone for all sim cards?

  • MrBear

    Don't like it, too much ios copy

  • Consecrated Tech
    Consecrated Tech

    I just don't understand why everyone thinks Android is the "less secure" device. If you care about privacy that much..... you shouldn't be doing what you are doing on your phone. Seriously people.

  • Thomas Knipe
    Thomas Knipe

    is it cold outside ?

  • Vaclav Briza
    Vaclav Briza

    Still miss the Blackberry OS thou

  • Brendan Pittman
    Brendan Pittman

    The new privacy features + a custom Android ROM that takes out all Google apps would be perfect.

    • Brendan Pittman
      Brendan Pittman

      @Jeremiah Liggins I figured there would be. If I had a PC that could build it in less than 10 hours then I'd probably do it myself.

    • Jeremiah Liggins
      Jeremiah Liggins

      There will be ROMS released that fit your bill, just your phone model is the tough part. Fragmentation is annoying

  • bong kem
    bong kem

    2:48 the idea is from windows phone of course !!!

  • Mám rád vlaky
    Mám rád vlaky

    Could I finally uninstall Facebook a Google Chrome?

  • Patrick OBrien
    Patrick OBrien

    Uuuuuummmmmm, I'm using a pixel 3 and I've had the notification hist for a while

  • Edward Donkor
    Edward Donkor

    It's crazy how this video was better to watch that Google 's presentation of it

  • Chris Höppner
    Chris Höppner

    So let me get this straight. They want to make it feel snappier and smoother by adding MORE animations? Aha.

  • Gabry

    if I get a custom ROM based on the final android 12 release for my phone I'll upgrade immediately

  • Funcraft82

    why no samsung beta? samsung is the most used android company ffs google

    • Funcraft82

      @Ahan Chopra u do realize that's literally just a modification put over the default android skin right? Samsung uses both one ui and android lol

    • Ahan Chopra
      Ahan Chopra

      Samsung uses one ui

  • Catherine Shepard
    Catherine Shepard

    I like it! I can't wait for the new colour matching though.

  • max qiu
    max qiu

    Imagine your boss asks you to headshot him with an obscenely large phone on camera

  • Edson Escobedo
    Edson Escobedo

    4:29 a ver, pélame una naranja wey.

  • RollinsFN

    Android 13 to 20 should be Dragon Ball themed, just saying lmao.

  • Black Claw
    Black Claw

    This is like a review of MIUI

  • Solun

    This looks pretty similar to previous versions of oneUI in Samsungs.

  • Okoye Chinedu
    Okoye Chinedu

    Day 2 of trying to get subscribers by commenting.

  • Andreas Jensvold
    Andreas Jensvold

    huawei p30 pro?

  • Fahad Alvi
    Fahad Alvi

    Cough cough… iOS copycat lmao 🤣 lol 😂

  • Flavio Pessoa de Barros
    Flavio Pessoa de Barros

    OMG, ugly finger hahahaha subscribed

  • Hayden

    Android 12 is coming out and my phone is just getting 11 this month.


    but can we make it look like the old android from the late 2000s/early 2010s i miss the skeuomorphic look and it seems companies hate it now

  • James Green
    James Green

    Thanks, I don't think I'll update now, notification drop-down looks horrible and way to big icons. A mess.

  • ana maria birke oyarzo
    ana maria birke oyarzo


  • Sunil Nathani
    Sunil Nathani

    Google should include 'Charging battery sound' in 'android 12'. Also, once 95% 🔋 is charged, 'Charging 🔋 sound' should announce "95% full".

  • Manoj Rajput
    Manoj Rajput

    U have done a great job. U discribed all the the things about anodroid 12 in depth. I m impressd nd subscribing u. Dont mind my english is not good. From today i m ur fan.

  • RC

    4:30 you still have 3mm nail left..

  • ZURO O
    ZURO O

    Linus is how Where's Waldo would sound like in my head

  • faded to black
    faded to black

    Oh yeah cool... I can customize my overlay and have darkmode... * cries in Android 9 *


    lmao wheres the kids in the comments with their parent bought phones like “eew he got an android”

  • alpha code
    alpha code

    My next phone after LG will be of samsung or pixel. This looks interesting.

  • arash

    thats googles android 12 redesign.

  • Mohammed Mussadique Jakati
    Mohammed Mussadique Jakati

    Something similar to windows phone

  • h l
    h l

    does it have EQ / equaliser ? for music I mean of all things that should be on all androids I have android 10 no does not have

  • Fenrir

    I miss 4.4 KitKat, that had best UI. It's been all downhill since then...

    • [deleted]

      Dude I'm literally using 4.4, and I feel like a dino lol. Do you really think it is better than the newer versions?

  • Smaron Boruah
    Smaron Boruah

    3:42 notification history? that's something i never thought i needed until i heard of it just like linus said, THANK YOU! i think it would be a major helpful feature

  • Amn series
    Amn series

    We all like pixel phones show more reviews of pixel phones.

  • Mikal Brown
    Mikal Brown

    of course the 4a 5G isn't eligible no one seems to remember that device

  • Josiah Martinez
    Josiah Martinez

    What? Didn't we just get 11?

  • Lasha Chef
    Lasha Chef

    Guys don't install android 12 beta. I can't use some apps. Garbage

  • Samuel Hicks
    Samuel Hicks


  • Rifat.AI.

    Android : *doing Apple's iOS simplicity Apple : *adding even more of Android's existing features They're like Spiderman pointing each other

  • Thanksfor Thesub
    Thanksfor Thesub

    Just don’t use these features on your flagship phone. The battery will dry out

  • Max Sax
    Max Sax

    I have android 8 on my S7 edge can I upgrade to android 9 in anyway ?