I'm Bored. Build a Gaming PC with me!!
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  • Steve Orchard
    Steve Orchard

    really want rtx but 10 series is the best i can find . i am loving my n1660 oc i brought new. evan that was hard to find i am from uk. i tryed and paid for four other graffix cards, ie rx 580/ rtx2060 super/ gtx 1080/ gtx 1060 and got my money back arfter waiting a month every time. its so rough i been a fan ov your show and others like it. for a few years now i am building my 3rd pc for my wife, and hope the mining crisis changes soon. what you guys do is so cool and brings hope to a new builder like my self.

  • Revely Designs
    Revely Designs

    AMEN!! I wish I could buy a graphics card too and no I don’t mine lol

  • Gislebertus Reck
    Gislebertus Reck

    The prices of GPU need to come down, It is so not worth Buying an upgrade at this time.

  • Project: Awesome
    Project: Awesome

    2:28:50 that happens on the Raspberry Pi, all the time

  • Project: Awesome
    Project: Awesome

    33:29 - breaks computer

  • Robert king
    Robert king

    The 5770 surprisingly can still play games not dx 12 but i was using that exact card not long ago and can say it can play fortnight decently. 2009 and it can still play that's an achievement in my book.

  • d3spis3m3

    That's an impressive stepper motor used for a water cooling pump..

  • SE -
    SE -

    How about giving it away? you'll feel much less bored

  • Top 10 Everything
    Top 10 Everything

    20:22 that spray though

  • no name
    no name

    Micro center is needed in Charlotte 😭

  • Cody Youngquist
    Cody Youngquist

    Microcenter should never advertise everyone already knows man

  • Rick Walvaart
    Rick Walvaart

    14:05 me neither

  • Reggie Croes
    Reggie Croes

    he got a rtx.... i want one.. i can't find one..

  • Majik Messiah
    Majik Messiah

    2:07:00 imo, you should try a recipe as intended but after that, if you feel you can improve it, try.

  • Ryoku Hasu
    Ryoku Hasu

    Push RADs are way easier to maint with UNI fans.

  • John Engstrom
    John Engstrom

    i feel like microcenter would shoplifted more than any other store

  • Zach0711

    What JRPG was he talking about playing?

  • Nergimmm

    Can you guys make a 300$ budget second hand gaming pc video? Since everything is now kinda expensive ngl

  • Andres rocha
    Andres rocha

    “You name it they’ve got it” *gpus all out of stock*

  • AEON


  • AEON


  • AEON

    #Linus Does it #MINE #CRYPTO tho>?

  • 2JZ swap the dog
    2JZ swap the dog

    After seeing what goes into shooting LTT in a week there’s no way I believe that Linus was just “bored” LOL

  • Matze96DAK

    Was anyone else also fooled by the new quiet crew member who looks like linus? I swear by the Power of Greyskull i thought he found his Doppelgänger and just hired him for fun.

  • marc salas
    marc salas

    The sharp parent likely multiply because advice collectively wait down a small development. nutty, harsh angle

  • KingInTheNorth

    3900x's have been sitting at memory express for months

  • Harry Mcdowell
    Harry Mcdowell

    He has done a vid on damage from mining before. This time tho it may damage the cards because ethereum causes most gddr6x to run at 110c+

  • John Casler
    John Casler

    idk bout u but 500 bucks at a steakhouse is bar money lmao

  • Liviu Bita
    Liviu Bita

    Not having power supply screws is not the end of the world, plastic ties are God sent. Keep it nice&jankie! 😂

  • RapidCyclone

    The lying cauliflower rationally tug because believe regionally trace from a many turret. old, steadfast pamphlet

  • Janion Faulkner
    Janion Faulkner

    *Minors get exploited*

  • AMusty Sheep
    AMusty Sheep

    Hey Linus me and my brother have wanted a gaming pc for a while but we don't have much money since we are only 15. So I was going to ask if you and your team could build us the cheapest quality gaming pc possible.

  • 02044

    ....where is my self-loathing

  • José David Castillo Blanco
    José David Castillo Blanco

    2:04 mistake on the sound, bad move Linus...

  • Josh Morgan
    Josh Morgan

    That is the definition of nasa computer

  • Craig Penfold
    Craig Penfold

    Wolf Among Us was 2013

  • William Rockhill
    William Rockhill

    the power flow is determined bye the socket or mother board... the question should be what's the max wattage on the cable your using???? that will determine the max out flow to the double 8 pin cable..... I see much thicker wining my self

  • Kaan Özkuscu
    Kaan Özkuscu

    send me a graphicscard so i can build one aswell, lol.

  • Imaginary Imagery
    Imaginary Imagery

    Accidental ASMR: Linus peeling off the peels

  • William Rockhill
    William Rockhill

    covid shoots are full of the covide strain so you now have covide praying for ya Bro

  • SoftLight

    in times like this, i m actually really glad i m mostly 99% playing league of legends anyways. Sitting here with my old ''ancient super shitty gtx 970'' be like: i m sitting on like 300 fps? and i m on like 8-10% gpu load? ..dafuq do i even need a new gpu for? feels good playing games you can run on potatoes... its just so affordable to play your games lol

  • T P
    T P

    This is the ‘oh shit we didn’t hit our 7 video quota this week’ video.

  • Andrea

    your wife is super smart

  • Clarence Pecadizo
    Clarence Pecadizo

    is that the aorus fi27qx?

  • Jordan Fetherolf
    Jordan Fetherolf

    I purchase 4 RX 580s from a miner 2 years ago for $350. They needed a bit of a dusting and new thermal compound but otherwise were like new and even in original boxes with all accessories, etc. I ended up auctioning them on eBay recently and each individual card sold for over what I paid for all four of them...

  • Safwan AR
    Safwan AR

    30:45 what happens if he drops that box of screws.

  • kennynz

    That'll gonna' do it

  • Eighteens

    When did Linus put water into the Watercooler? or does it come w/ water already in the cooler

    • Millenial Farmer
      Millenial Farmer

      AIO coolers are pre-filled

  • Jonathan

    Take a 3090 off the market to build a pc for "fun"...shitty.

  • Leo

    WooooW! Amd is a try hard! gives me bumps watching you advertise! you're so good100!#donthatetheplayerhatethegame XD

  • xSKOOBSx

    installing a vertical GPU kit in a case that supports vertical GPU already... although having it pushed back more won't choke it as much, as the side panel will definitely be close enough to the fans to restrict airflow if used in the "first-party" mount. I would be on board, but you could just use the stock mount and not have to cut. Just don't use the second mounting screw. But you could also probably get the cables plugged in without cutting anything. Just feed it between the slats.

  • xSKOOBSx

    Can you see the 360 side fans from the inside? imagine the EK FLT 360 installed in there.

  • xSKOOBSx

    A doorless basement is called a crypt, I think LOL

  • xSKOOBSx

    Wheres the new G.Skill heatspreader he was talking about?

  • Vondito Amigo
    Vondito Amigo

    I want gift card

  • Krydolph

    If you mount vertical with the build in slots in the case, the GPU fans will be all the way up to the glass side, and it will suffocate and get a lot hotter. With the cablemod approach it is pulled back so it can still breathe! And even though you, and a few others DO use PCI-E slots for more than just the GPU, I would claim that at least 90% people never does, and I would guess that was a low figure compared to reality!

  • DUZLA74

    Is it just me or is Linus a bit drunk??I mean no offence, I drink,, As ya do!!

  • Quincy H Seven
    Quincy H Seven

    i've been watching this young man back 2011 when he was in his room,he has came a long way! smart young man.

  • Arturo Ochoa
    Arturo Ochoa

    That’s good Nvidia don’t like Minors ‘cause that shit is illegal.

  • AAA killer
    AAA killer

    bruh i know a high man wheb i see one

  • Ginova Vienne
    Ginova Vienne

    Boy1da and TMinus, are real producets.

  • Jugdew Prenay
    Jugdew Prenay

    your shirt is awesome

  • Blockchain Domain
    Blockchain Domain

    Ive never seen so many grown men so upset because they cant play fortnight... Im a gamer and miner and when ETH isnt profitble to mine anymore im NOT going to be selling any of my GPUs, im going to switch coins and keep buying more graphics cards.. I LOVE computers and I love you too Linus but quit hating and let us use our computing power how we want!

  • Derpycat57 -
    Derpycat57 -

    I want to punch Linus for holding the gpu like it’s nothing

  • NeinMillimeter

    That whole bit about Amps pre charged into the VRM for the cpu was some Infinite Solutions shit

  • Marui Man
    Marui Man

    The verge does not approve of this.

  • Kent

    i built a whole dresser while having this video on. Thanks linus for keeping me company the whole time talking about god knows what

  • al0sral0

    I am glad NVidia advertisers can get their had on the these cards what a scumbag system I guess ill just wait for the next cards to come out now no point in buying old tech skipped 2080 because of the same reason stock not available and no point buying 2 years down the track...

  • K31TH3R

    1:28:30 Longterm coolant testing. Already done it myself. No, you don't want to run straight distilled water. I have a D5 pump turning 18 years old this year. It once went 9 years on the same coolant, with the only change being occasionally topping it up every ~8 months due to sublimation losses. The coolant being Valvoline Zerex + distilled water at a 5/95 ratio. DO NOT USE GARBAGE PRE-MIX COOLANTS FROM EK/Koolance or ANY PC water cooling brand. They're all JUNK, filled with unnecessary amounts of anti-corrosives which act like abrasives on ceramic pump bearings if you don't religiously change them out every 6 months. Use tried and tested automotive coolants only, they have decades of development and they WILL prolong pump life vs plain distilled water. Use automotive coolants, and you can go for years between coolant changes.

  • imCracked

    Can somebody clip 2:16:21 please? 🙃

  • Justin Pham
    Justin Pham

    How are you guys getting these GPU’s?! Wish it was that easy for me to grab one off the shelf.

  • sxxxychocolate

    your next sleeper pc build...Lian Li PC-6010 aluminum ATX tower case from 2003, but with the optional $99 fish tank side panel!

  • That one Gamer
    That one Gamer

    When your chick wont give it up....

  • Steph Pears
    Steph Pears

    Oh the computer guy that calls himself Linus yeah that's definitely made up.

  • PapaBhoii

    Can I have this PC please. 🤲

  • Sean Toh
    Sean Toh

    Thank you so much Dr okouromi the herbal medicine you sent me worked perfectly well now I'm free from Cancer...

  • triste lune
    triste lune

    LINUS LINUS LINUS here is a TECH TIPS for you : Windows is installing the boot sector and the boot partition, on the drive selected in the bios as the first boot drive (and often the only boot drive, depending of your bios config) So if YOU choose another disk to install windows than your boot drive selected in the bios, then microsoft properly setup your system, so it will reboot properly during the installation. And you end up with your boot information on a different drive than you system, because YOU choose to install your system not on the drive selected has boot in the bios. So in the end this again a PBCAC issue.

  • Layla Love
    Layla Love

    just asking has anyone used 5500rpm fans on a 240mm watercooler radiator i was thinking of tring it but not sure what srews to use

  • vinayak vk
    vinayak vk

    Show us how to build tower server for reasonable price it will be helpful for startup business owners

  • devbloggs

    Wonder of that vertical GPU Mount would work in my Corsair 4000d without choking out my 3070 gaming OC thicc boy

  • Early Grayce
    Early Grayce

    The more I listen to Linus talk about the pci power cable the more I die inside. The lowest spec of either the cable or single end should be the max. The power supply has a 150W connector then you should only push 150W to the other end. You can either split the 150W between the two connectors on the other end or if the GPU needs over 150W between them you need to install 2 different cables.

  • Evangelos Hadjigeorgiou
    Evangelos Hadjigeorgiou

    that graphics car from radion looks like a toy

  • Charles Mallia
    Charles Mallia

    I’ve given up. Pc building is too hard. I’m not talking about the actual building. But even buying different parts. So many gpu’s and CPU’s and motherboards and what not. Different brands selling the same shit. Numbers and words that no one can explain. What does ti mean? Watch 14 minute video where I learn it’s short for titanium. Ok. So is that better or worse than super? Numbers are confusing. 1660 is bigger number than 1080. Learn 1080 is better…Am I supposed to google every single gpu and CPU’s? There are thousands of them. Then there’s compatibility issues and bottlenecks. Buying from different countries. Will a gpu from a different country work with local psu. I don’t know. All I got was “maybe”. Then there’s quads, vrams, vrms that’s impossible to tell how many there are but are important. None of that is in the minimum requirements section of video games. They just say buy three 3 things. This gpu, that size ram, and this here cpu. Pcpartspicker is no help. I tried a combination and something about bios came up. Google it and got an answer even more complex. I think I need 2nd gen or something. What if I don’t have one? Oh, and the stupid lights that I still haven’t got answer as to how to shut off or if I can not have them. And mix messages from pc gamers. One says “You don’t need expensive powerful hardware for vr!”. Another says “You need a powerful hardware for FPS!”. And the building itself? You can use ISnets to follow along. Yeah, good luck finding a video that has the exact same parts as you.

  • Qupid Plays
    Qupid Plays


  • Qupid Plays
    Qupid Plays

    And if u look properly u could see a twin Linus tech tips in the background

  • Qupid Plays
    Qupid Plays

    Bruh this guy just builds pc for a living only to destroy them like y would he bring his son here only to dismember him limb to limb ?????

  • chris jones
    chris jones

    I got lucky, I bought an RTX 3070 for $800 at retail, last one in stock.

  • Berserk Berserk
    Berserk Berserk

    after linus stopped shaking, cardboard linus was clearly judging flesh&bones linus

  • Shane McGovern
    Shane McGovern

    Yikes! His confusion around the PCIE cable power could easily lead to some house fires here... Rule of thumb, each 8-pin connector on a GPU should have its own dedicated cable. As has been noted here already, those connectors are meant to carry 150W. Most consumer guage cables will hold 200-250W on the overall PCIE cable itself. If the GPU "calls" for EACH PCIE connector to pull 150W from the PSU, you'll easily surpass what the cable can handle (250-300W). The PCIE slot itself is giving the card 75W. If you go ham on an AIB 3080/3090, you could easily have them calling for 400W+. Guess what, you just burnt out the cable, fried your PSU, or worse. Magic smoke people. The ONLY 30 series cards I'd feel comfortable daisy chaining off a PCIE cable are the 3060, 3060 Ti, and 3070. Dedicate cables with the 3080 and 3090!!!

  • Lumad KAMAYO
    Lumad KAMAYO


  • Alexander Kurt
    Alexander Kurt

    When the 1st person builds their pc with specs he has

  • TimeToSnitch

    Alter wie nice die Qulai aussieht. Ich finde du gibst dir in letzter Zeit echt mühe man.

  • jetBlue Vlogs
    jetBlue Vlogs

    He said building gaming pc with me but what about camera man he is filming


    damn thats where all the gpu's going :D when you boored build me also one XD

  • Igisowski

    Computer of my dream...

  • Jonathan Hohensinner
    Jonathan Hohensinner

    Linus... I care.

  • Minecraft Gamer Cool Kid
    Minecraft Gamer Cool Kid

    Could I use a 1000 watt supply with a ryzen 9 5950x and a RTX 3090 msi suprim x. It’s my 2nd build

  • Derrick Barnes
    Derrick Barnes

    I have no experience building a gaming computer however my son wants one really bad so I am willing to try. Can you help???

  • Anthea Kovacevic
    Anthea Kovacevic


  • Ian P
    Ian P

    Linus, my suggestion is that your camera man, in this case, David, should also have a mic of his own so that we can hear the conversation better. In all videos, it seems like a very nice back and forth interaction between you and your camera man.

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