Addressing my Bad Take on RTX 3080 Ti - WAN Show Jun 4, 2021
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Timestamps (Courtesy of Kaspar Zubarev)
2:16 - Sponsors
2:30 - About the review
11:40 - Nvidia's MSRP is bull***t
15:20 - Secondary market is more "fair"
17:30 - Does 3080 for $700 exist?
22:00 - Founder's are not an easy catch
27:45 - Budget gamers suffer
29:50 - Some thoughts about comments
35:20 - Linus explodes and roasts Nvidia
39:15 - AMD time and FSR
47:50 - New APUs
57:20 - Don't buy top-tier for future-proofing
59:56 - surprise phonecall
1:10:08 - NUC coverage

  • yourdad03

    Utter rubbish :/ Unsubbed.

  • Derek Morris
    Derek Morris

    Linus is fast becoming the corporate shill.

  • Teodor Angelov
    Teodor Angelov

    Can someone ELI5 the drama?

  • Monk3y

    "Put yourself in NVidia shoes" No I wont. Bad Linus, bad

  • TheSamohtnj

    i agree with linus

  • Wot Wot
    Wot Wot

    3080 Linus Ti

  • Möebius 2k
    Möebius 2k

    I bought new top end CPU and GPU at MSRP within ten minutes of release this generation. It was clear that if you snooze you lose so I'm good to go until the next generation.

  • Generaal700600

    When did you turn Linus, what happened?

  • SupperSwaggDude

    Just seems like people are mad they can’t afford a card that’s not in their price range for some reason?

  • Hooker

    I would be more than happy to pay msrp for a 3080ti (nah I want an AMD) and will laugh at anybody saying the price is ridiculous. Silicon supply is going to be constrained for years and all other minerals have been increasing in value. The end buyer takes the hit, not the suppliers or manufacturers. Pretty stupid to get upset at Linus for him bluntly telling you the msrp is a good deal. Guess what? It's a good deal cause GPU will NEVER be as cheap as they once were.

  • Cinnabuns2009

    2080Ti when it came out was $999, for over 2 years. Its been raised to $1200 after the fact. 1080Ti was $699. 980Ti was $649. 780Ti was $699. So Prior to 2080Ti which was part of a mining boom, $700 WAS the top tier gaming / non-titan card pricing. Its not "caveat emptor" its "buyer get fucked". "Its not a value card" It kinda used to be 2 gens ago. Same thing 2 gens ago.

  • Robert Higgins
    Robert Higgins

    The scalping market is a closer representation of a free capitalism market than MSRP/or actual retail prices. If the MSRP/Retail price is too high, product will be left on the shelf and slowly discounted prices will appear, if the MSRP/Retail price is too low, scalpers will buy up all the product and sell for market price that has been driven up more due to over excessive scarcity. A correct retial/msrp price will prevent the over scarcity and level the price for everyone.

  • Jedi Knight
    Jedi Knight

    Bad take. 8% increase in performance over the 3080 does not justify 1200$. Nvidia scalping

  • BartTheTreeGuy

    Lol just take the L dude.

  • zkkzkk32312

    Steve is right about this.

  • holotape

    Totally out of touch

  • Ctibor Petrů
    Ctibor Petrů

    Sorry Linus - what do you say about 3080 Ti is compete bullshit. There was always been at least 20 - 30 % performance difference in betveen X80 and X80 Ti. And so there was reasonable diference in pricing. Now you get abou extra 7% performance but you have to pay 70% more money. That's just insane. And you saying it's OK is even more insane. Wake up dude.

  • Ilyass Karouach
    Ilyass Karouach

    Luke is like Siri, he's only allowed to speak when addressed lol

  • P. Cresva
    P. Cresva

    Desperate shill double speak

  • Ola Ole
    Ola Ole

    Nvidia wouldl produce and sell all the 3090s they could, and only then produce and sell all the 3080s they could. Now: They will produce and sell all the 3090s they can, only then produce and sell all the 3080TIs they can, and only after that will they produce all the 3080s they can. And let's not forget that all the xx80TIs so far, would offer around 30% more performance. This piece of crap sweats to give you 8%... This card would be stupid even if we had a solid 200$ option, which we don't. As it id, this card is an insult and a blatant money grab. Saying anything less than that is Chilling to Nvidia!!!

  • mr_vpw

    Linus: Gives Luke grief every week about the whole building a video content service and how long it takes Also Linus: Could you also knock up this other stuff for our store and other LMG properties…

  • SpOoNmAn

    Corporate slave. How far you've fallen. Adios

  • Karl

    It's not that it isnt a super cool bit of hardware, it's just that it exists at the cost of standard 3080s. This was not the time to release *another* halo piece, this was the time to talk about something like a 3050 and trying to improve the number of cards in existence, especially as part of the reason for the demand spike is that this segment was largely ignored last generation.

  • Antonie van der Meer
    Antonie van der Meer

    The last time Linus said something wrong luke really wanted to say something, I have the feeling this time he wanted to say something too.

  • Luis Taira
    Luis Taira

    I can confirm that the issue is with our government. Every issue.

  • Cripple

    GTX 260 Luke was talking about BF BC2 I had SLi 285's so tecnically 4 way SLi was getting 40fps and I went from them to SLi Gtx 580's with water cooling.

  • Nick Taylor
    Nick Taylor

    Oh, it's similar performance to a 3090? Why is the cooler so much smaller then.

  • snozbucket

    Come on, I said in the review who still watches you guys for reviews? I've accepted you guys are only good for tidbits and entertainment but who actually watches your show thinking I'm going to buy this absurdly expensive product? Sure some people do but come on. If you really can't understand how tone deaf nvdia's move was from your peers, not only that, but from the people who propped you to your current status then you just wouldn't understand. End of the day if I am to trust just 1 guy and his team versus many guys and their teams and indepedant reviews then sorry linus you lost this one. You can continue to entertain us but for god sake man, learn your average viewer and consumer.

  • Secretly a Celebrity
    Secretly a Celebrity

    Netherlands doesn't sell FE cards -_- Everything is 2K

  • kombinezon

    Am I out of touch or is it children who are wrong?

  • Jyotsha Kumar
    Jyotsha Kumar

    The titan was a bit better if not same as the 80 Ti versions but still people that wanted the best of the best did buy a Titan even though it wasn't value for money. I am not saying that the 3080 ti isnt expensive, but the logic that people now have a few hundred dollar cheaper option for basically the best GPU isn't really bad.

  • Isoquant

    Was the original review really that bad? So you had a different opinion, big deal. Not every reviewer has to agree on every point, and it's kind of suspicious when they do.

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C

    They shouldn't have released new cards with a shortage. It's a money grab as I see it and nothing more. Can't defend Nvidia at the moment. MSRP prices don't exist today for Nvidia.

  • Nnamz

    The review was bad. This video is somehow worse. Linus. This ain't it. Just stop bro.

  • guydodge

    some of us actually get it.compared to the prices the cards are selling at now, not talking about from the mfg but the scalping.the 3080ti is a deal.i find it amazing most of the people dont get talking to children just need a reason to whine about what they cant afford/buy.

  • Nico Bangoy
    Nico Bangoy

    I though luke doesn't work at ltt anymore

  • GoodGuyGaurav

    (Chandler voice, from FRIENDS) : Could Linus BE more wrong??

  • Jefferey

    How can you even begin to justify value when the Market is completely out of whack. Nvidia is taking advantage of the shortage by releasing all these cards. People rush in to buy them because either they wont be available for long or thats all that is available, wtf are you on about. You need a reality check, most people are not in the IT world and sent shit all the time.

  • James Livas
    James Livas

    Addressing your bad take... with another bad take

  • Johan has but two faces
    Johan has but two faces

    "Just buy a value card instead". "Just buy second hand cards". What value cards??? There are *none*! What second hand cards? A GTX 1080 is 800-900 usd second hand right now. Anything lower in price or spec? Gone instantly. He's not getting it.

  • Ben Filley
    Ben Filley

    yeah im sitting on a msi trio 2080, ill be waiting until the next generation of cards to upgrade again. already have a 5800x so im good to go.

  • David s.
    David s.

    So linus had a great point with all the coorporate behind the scenes. Then he walked on the street and steve shot him 3 times.

  • Tech'd it
    Tech'd it

    Such a shill, dude. I miss youtube.


    Linus is detached, Is It cocaine?

  • Nam Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen

    I dont really care for Steve much but Linus, you were just wrong about that 3080 Ti video and the desperation in you trying to defend it was disgusting. Cmon now bro, dont be like that Verge guy and actually apologize

  • bonepickerx

    Linus I am sure your Napoleonic Narcissism will not allow you to admit YOU ARE WRONG! So repeat this daily, Steve (GN) is always more right than Linus. Practice in front of the mirror and you wont look like an ass when you misspeak and bring another ISnetsr into a discussion based on your feelings rather than real DATA!!!

  • Shaker


  • RandomGuyNumber12

    I guess I'm completely tone-deaf compared to everyone else in the comments section. I for one was looking forward to the 3080ti and so what if it's $1200msrp. Hell if my choices are a 3080 for between $1200-2000 and a 3080ti for potentially that same price then it's kinda duh. So what if it's only 10% faster if it's the same price.

  • RandomGuyNumber12

    I currently have a 980ti and a 5820k and I'm still rocking it in modern titles. Although I am looking forward to upgrading.

  • C C
    C C

    Linus pissing on all of us and telling us it's raining. Nice.

  • Dark Harmony
    Dark Harmony

    All I heard was, "It smells like BROKE in here !" 😂🤣

  • Phil R
    Phil R


  • ctgamer

    Dude I can’t trust your team outside of Anthony for hardware reviews anymore. It’s super obvious how out of touch you are. Several people I know including myself found 3080s for MSRP. it’s tough to do but not impossible.

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    Linus is getting annoying ..

  • Korobar

    An "apology" every 2nd month now for how unbelievable out of touch you are?

  • Derek

    Gamers are being robbed though because these prices are going to stick. Once the global markets calm down I am sure MSRP prices will drop back down a bit but historically, once companies realize they can charge more and get away with it they will continue to do so. Adding a "halo" product at a high price is only going to allow Nvidia to raise MSRP of its lower tier cards and justify it with the higher realitive price of high end products.

  • M1nat0

    Linus, the 1080Ti was $699 at launch. Even adjusting for inflation, the 3080Ti is still overpriced.

  • Br3adSticks

    Wan show, hosted by linus and linus, with commentary and extra thoughts by linus. Luke for support.

  • XMG3

    You sound like Nvidia paid you off linus, taking shots at steve only did you more harm in the end

  • Christyn Pienaar
    Christyn Pienaar

    Yeah - 2024 the Nvidia RTXS 4090 TI 48gb ddr6 24000 cuda core / AMD VTX 8800XT 48gb ddr6 384 CU's - comes out for $3000 and we find out the chip shortage was created by industry scalpers at the silicon supply level.

  • Ayman Alqroos
    Ayman Alqroos

    I remember when DLSS was introduced, the performance and quality wasn't good. I'm sure amd's solution will not be as good as DLSS, but it will be a plus especially for budget gaming.

  • Christyn Pienaar
    Christyn Pienaar

    You Americans / Canadians just don't get it, here in SA we literally pay 3x after conversion / tax and in ratio to our income for GPUS.. having a 1650 is almost the same as buying a 3070 in Canada. OK. jeeezuz. you people have it ssoooooooooooo good. I do 3D rendering, hard simulation work, coding, game engine work, adobe , etc. etc., I use my crappy Dell G5 5590 for EVERYTHING, I have no option even if the cards where available. 1650s already do great stuff for me, so I cant even imagine how amazing those 30 series card are. I WOULD BE HONORED to be graced with a laptop even with a 3060 in it. nevertheless a friggin 3070, 3080 or 3090 / 6600 - 6900xt.. all those. DAMN MAN. WE PAY $2000 for a 3080ti here. INSANE.

    • Nathan Siukuta
      Nathan Siukuta

      True, the RTX 3080 costs N$30 000 in Namibia right now...

  • 3Kilos

    Your original video sounded more like a sales pitch rather than a critically/unbiased review. Are you are reviewer or a salesman? You have stated so many arguments in defense of nVidia increasing prices (again) this generation but I don't see the same zeal on defending the consumer's interest and this is really disappointing to see. Who cares about the profits of nVidia or the AIB's? I only care about the value/performance proposition for any given product period. You cannot call it a review and defend the corporation... a review is meant of us, the customers, the people who buy the product. I don't understand how something as basic as that can elude you.

  • Danijel ćosić
    Danijel ćosić

    Ok for starters SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH. That said i am watching you for a long time (like long long time,from when you were still at waht ever was that starter company... before you went on your own) and have just restpect. That said you started to sound awfully like corporations that dont care about consummers (intel,nvidia,microsoft.. etc) and go to so much as traying to justify them so badly that its not even funny any more.. I am far from all knowing tech geek but still. First you defending price of 3080 TI / 3070 TI and as justification you are looking at 20xx series?? I know that this prices are "new and improved" standard in GPU market but you wana say that 3080TI that is (as stated by you and all other revuers) at best 8-10% faster than 3080 and any where from 0-8% slower than 3090 justifie the 400+ dollars than 3080 and just 200 les than 3090 for barely aroung 10% +/- performance???? And second you are looking for price justification jus back to 20xx, and what about 10xx or 900 or 700.. all of those series (and i know cos i still have all 3 TI wersion of them and in SLI i know SLI is dead..) were aroung 400-500 dollars for non Ti and around 600-700 dollars for TI and not just that all of those and not sure how much back but most of them xxxx TI was faster any where between 20-35% than non Ti version of same card (and i am talking about top end Titan not included so). And just to make it funny even your comparison series 20xx series regardles of almost double the price than any other series before still got around 30% boost jump over 10xx series (not counting in RTX bulshit just normal raw performance). After all that said (and again i am not expert and to be even a biger of a joke most of whot i said here is based on your own information given to me trought your past videos..) do plees tell me what logic do you have to suport to souch lenghts this dick Nvidia move and sey that any of 30xx TI cards in top end have any justification for the price they are going for (and sam as you i am not talking about skalpers or vhat ever but just msrp)??? In all the years that i am watching your videos this is first time that i hade to gife you dislike,sorry but i couldent keap my mouth shot about this one...

  • Joseph

    Not entirely my stance on the video but I see most of the complaints being that it was a superficial shilling style video. Not that you guys liked it but how you went about it. Especially with neglecting other comparisons that show how bad a value it is. Comparisons we know that you know. And I think it's pretty clear this didn't help either in terms of the "out of touch" impression the audience feels. PR 101 did not occur here.

  • Alex Gavril
    Alex Gavril

    Respect for Gamers Nexus :)

  • Lars Lake
    Lars Lake

    Hardware Unboxed and Gamers Nex are just playing to their base instead of simply giving a 3080ti review. They're trying to sell their video channel to the masses. Most of the gaming youtubers are playing the actual or perceived negative aspects of cpus and video card to appease their viewers. They claim Nivida and Intel are the bad guys so jump on my band wagon and hoist the AMD flag. (or that;s what it seems now days) Admittedly, the little $165 3600 and any video card is still the hero in gaming today. Whether you use an intel, amd,or nividia they are all subject to constraints of purpose. Don't chase the eluding fps flap. I think Linus does a pretty good job explaining the situation. (for those of you that have to have someone hold your hand)

  • Tabish Syed
    Tabish Syed

    Linus wrong. Steve right. End of story.

  • Aditya Verma
    Aditya Verma

    people who were buying a 3090 will never buy a 3080 ti , because if u want the best u dont worry about the money. 3080 makes sense for most gamers .

    • The Real Pure Essence
      The Real Pure Essence

      $300 for double the vram and a little more performance is actually worth it for me. 12gb isn’t going to be enough for too too long…

  • Phil Shumeiko
    Phil Shumeiko


  • Vladraconis

    Linus, no. Just.... no. Own that you called thart card a "good value" and that you recommended buying it in general. You were wrong, it happens to the best of us to be wrong. It's way better to admit it than to try and defend it with reasons that make no sense. Is 1200$ less than say 2500? Well, yeah, of course. Is there value in the 1200 just because it's less than 2500? No, not by default. Just because you have a chance of buying it at the MSRP for a short time does not in any way mean that you should by default. And, again, you damn well know that At this point it were better if you did not try and defend your stance

  • Maranatha

    The best ending to an episode. Ever.

  • Dan Phillips
    Dan Phillips

    Addressing my address of a bad take video upcoming 😂.

  • CoolCat

    8:19 "When was the last time we had an *80 Ti that was like bang for the buck?" Exactly, these cards are not good value. However, you called the 3080 Ti "good value". Trying to have that interpreted as "relative to the 3090" does not really help because the 3090 is insanely overpriced. Who cares whether something is not quite as insanely overpriced, but still insanely overpriced?

  • bdfunk88

    I watched your original review and then this. I still hate your take, it just comes across as extremely arrogant. You are out of touch with what I feel is logical for a reasonable consumer, regardless of pricepoint. If you need proof, just look at the GPUs at the top of the steam hardware survey. The only people that benefit from this launch is Nvidia and rich people (and scalpers). And everyone else is hurt 1) by prices being driven up 2) many other GPUs could have been made out of the same silicon and other parts that go into a single high-end GPU 3) encouraging Nvidia to continue the trend of only producing high-end variants of their cards or at least prioritizing them until well after launch.

  • maulCS

    I don't like you.

  • Topi Karttunen
    Topi Karttunen

    I hope linus likes the taste of those boots

  • Parviz Hajizada
    Parviz Hajizada

    Yeah terrible review Linus. You are so detached from the rest of the community

  • Ben Easton
    Ben Easton

    Come on Linus... You really need to take a step back and consider that you might actually be wrong on this one.

  • sabasman

    Linus his take is hot, but I completely agree with him.

  • Tiki832

    Don't usually view much of Linus Corps content but figured given the recent GN cross over points it was worth seeing what was actually said in the initial Linus Corp review and the follow-up, got through the review and very much found it so disconnected from a real analysis of the card and pricing that I wasn't holding out much on the follow-up. With the follow-up I barely could watch over 5 minutes of listening to Linus further remove himself from reality and just dig down more and more as just pushing the card as decent because he only views it as a $200 msp cheaper 3090.... and totally ignores the fact that even at $200 cheaper the price to performance is still a complete and utter shambles. But like when the RTX 3000 series originally released and some people were raving about the massive performance increase from the 2000 series..... it only looks good if you ignore the fact that the original offering you're comparing the new one too was overall a very poor and exploititive move to just milk people for money by giving them the impression that such offerings are their only option. But if you actually factor in what the original offering really was when comparing the new one, what you end up with is "hey, this is still a rubbish offering and no one should consider it, but it doesn't take the piss quite as much as the last attempt to rip us off did."

  • wholetyouinhere

    This is very, very simple. When a card misses the 3090 spec, it gets busted down to a 3080. That's a price difference of $800 at MSRP. Nvidia sees that the market is completely effed and knows that they can do pretty much whatever they want, so they created a new SKU between two existing SKUs that were already separated by just 10-15%. There would be no reason for this level of granularity in a healthy GPU market. But in this crap show? They can now bin all of their overachieving 3080s as 3080ti, and there's no market force keeping the price in check whatsoever. Hence: 70% price increase for 10% more performance. Now you are welcome to defend this behavior as standard operating procedure for corporations. There's no law against cashing in on pandemics, right? If there were, big pharma wouldn't be cashing record-setting checks right now. But most sensible people recognize this behavior for what it is: opportunistic price gouging. It's not water or food or shelter, so they basically get a pass. But it's still scummy, and it should scuff their reputation for a good long while. I know I will be looking for AMD cards going forward.

    • Richard Margerison
      Richard Margerison

      100% agreed.

    • Karl

      This. NVidia chose profit margin, the consumer base is entirely justified in being disgusted by this choice. Trying to claim it's ok because "its just good business sense" ignores that maintaining customer goodwill is also good business sense.

  • Topi Karttunen
    Topi Karttunen

    15:45 Yeah you know a thing or two about shopping for second-hand GPUs IN NORTH AMERICA, I haven't seen a single LTT video about shopping for second hand GPUs in Brazil or India or South Africa where it can be so much more expensive you can stop trying to find good value.

  • Drest Drestlin
    Drest Drestlin

    "What can i possibly do" You can not approve of a shameless cashgrab that will just push prices up next time around. LTT is probably the biggest tech channel on yt, at least for the pc market. Pretending you don't have any kind of impact is just wrong: if GN can push the case market into making more airflow focused cases, you can certainly do more than giving a glowing review for a card that is just garbage (if you can afford a 1.2k card, you can afford a 1.5 and you are better off with that one anyway). If we are dropping MSRP prices (which is fair, let's drop them) you should just advise people to buy a 1060 or a 970 or a 570 and not give any money to anybody, since prices are basically insane for anything.

  • Darkauscus

    Completely out of touch with reality....Tech Diva behaviour and perspective. Cya

  • duhmez

    It's like saying that lamborghini is ripping you off with their high priced cars.

  • Pogsii

    The more I hear about the tech shortage, the more I'm glad I built my PC when I did. 6 months after Ryzen 3000 series released got a 3700x for 40% off. 2nd hand GTX 1080, and a b450m mobo. I feel future proofed for at least another 2-3 years, and didn't break the bank.

    • Daniel C
      Daniel C

      Changed my Mobo and CPU before the pandemic, have a 5700 XT its pretty solid.

  • Gvnady

    All of this nonsense talk... Nvidia wont even listen to gamers, supply will keep being limited, and scalping will keep going on...

  • Richard Margerison
    Richard Margerison

    The existence of the 3080ti will reduce the potential supply of the 3080 in this constrained environment. That's why people are mad.

    • Daniel C
      Daniel C

      That's why it is a cash grab nothing more. Why release any thing new now of all times? I know to price hike these cards.

    • lgmtk

      Yep. Where I live, retailers have already stopped selling 3080s and are only selling 3080tis...

  • cracklingice

    Titan was always for people who have no budget. The Ti was always the Titan for people willing to wait a year to get it at a reasonable price.

  • lee mond
    lee mond

    If you surround yourself by yes men then you get more and more situations where mistakes happen and you still believe you were right because everyone around you is nodding in agreement just like Luke does in nearly all videos these days sadly.

  • pieguy1098

    I can excuse price increases being passed on the consumer due to the pandemic, but lets not pretend that Nvidia hasn't been bending us over for the last decade or more. The price of individual card tiers year over year has been outpacing inflation by a lot.

  • bodasactra

    Used market is 2080-2070 not 3080-3070 Linus. Steve is talking about new GPUs being scalped on secondary markets not the used market. Dude, just stop, your right in another conversation not this one.

  • Bryan Gonzalez
    Bryan Gonzalez


  • Glenn's HardWired
    Glenn's HardWired

    Oh please. Next your going to tell me Canada's healthcare system is great too.

  • FuryXHD PC
    FuryXHD PC

    who was looking at 3090 for gaming...if they wanted 3090 then money was never an issue and makes the 3080ti is even more stupid. 100% agree with other reviews condemning the price to performance ratio. i love linustechtips but this leaves a bad taste on my mouth.

    • Daniel C
      Daniel C

      Overkill for gaming imo, Nvidia should be slammed for this. Can't even supply the cards but release more new ones lol?

  • ken060693

    The part that people are mistaken when they say "it's not worth that much" are correct. 3080ti is worth about $2200, actually, since that's the price the market has decided it to be. Value isn't some objective fact, independent of mass psychology - people decide it's value, and the market says the 3080ti is worth over $2000 because that's the actual price they go for on Ebay. When a global pandemic is causing a mass shortage, doesn't make sense for Nvidia to sell $700 cards for a few % margin, only for those people to turn around and sell them for $2100. ofc Nvidia is recognizing that their prices are too low considering supply and demand, and adjusting accordingly.

  • PHD Doom
    PHD Doom

    When you build your channel to be around the consumer and their needs. One would think your reviews would lean more towards the budget minded consumer and the current market. The 2080 TI is the perfect example of this. The jump from the 1080 TI to the 2080 TI was definitely a price grab and Nvidia never looked back. And since the panic from miners and bots scandal there has been a total disruption in the GPU market. From the way you're speaking it is sounding like it was more Riley that wrote the opening of this and not ole Linus. You guys could have just taken an L after the apology video instead of throwing more fuel on the dumpster 🔥. This whole drama will blow over. You're a great guy Linus and don't let the heat from this keep you down. I think what your audience (me included) were looking for was you to use whatever little influence/power you have and have used in the past to help push these companies, vendors, and manufacturers in the industry to push them towards better practices for the community as a whole. We (the audience) are limited in our abilities to reach these vendors. We'd all love to see the day where one of these millionaire CEOs/executives take a pay cut to drop GPU prices back to reasonable GPU prices.

  • Brian Epstein
    Brian Epstein

    You talked shit about Steve? Your the ONLY reviewer on EARTH who liked that card. You lost my sub, that slap at Steve is the most unprofessional thing I HAVE EVER HEARD. I can watch infomercials anywhere

  • Ryan Whittaker
    Ryan Whittaker

    Im honestly suprised they dont have panel guests such as Steve, would love to see that in the future.

    • escape209

      I do remember they used to