Running a YouTube Business is EASY (just kidding)
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In this video, we follow a typical week at LMG as the team works to shoot all the Linus Tech Tips, ShortCircuit, and TechQuickie videos that our fans expect.

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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0:00 Intro
0:29 Tuesday
7:42 Wednesday
11:29 Thursday
16:35 Friday
18:55 Conclusion

  • Patrick McNulty
    Patrick McNulty


  • Hendrik Schepkens
    Hendrik Schepkens

    Loved this video ;-)

  • Hatem Almasri
    Hatem Almasri

    Please do more of these

  • KripyNasty

    they just change the tiltle of this video or i'm driving crazy?

  • Sazan Dervari
    Sazan Dervari

    This video stressed me the fuck out. Imagine having to fill inn for Linus for a week. Also what happens if linus gets sick?

  • Austin Russell
    Austin Russell

    I love that Taran is the "Sexy macro man"

  • Isaac Yew
    Isaac Yew

    What ghantt chart tool ltt is using?

  • nnubb

    I'd actually love to work with these people but I have no skills that would be useful to them. Looks like a great place to work.

  • Dante Tech Tips
    Dante Tech Tips

    I have watched this video severally, i truly love your workfloor and the division of labour. I also love how Linus interacts freely with his employees, this is how employers should relate with the people who support them achieve what they aspire. You people are my true motivation in the journey i have started on ISnets. Thanks!

  • Nguyễn Trần Anh Nguyên
    Nguyễn Trần Anh Nguyên

    I think most company work like this, every projects is tight in time 😂

  • Ryan Mercier
    Ryan Mercier

    Nothing but love for you guys. Much appreciated for the grind.

  • T M
    T M

    Why don't you hosers get vaccinated so you don't have to wear masks!?

  • Shlok Bhakta
    Shlok Bhakta

    Those employee numbers starting to make sense now

  • Shlok Bhakta
    Shlok Bhakta

    That Linus guy seems busy

  • Volcano

    Seems to me that Linus needs to learn to delegate. Tough learning curve, especially when you’re running your own company…

  • Blackhammer TV
    Blackhammer TV

    It is wild to see how much of a good boss James is it honestly really is I don't know if he went to school for it or what but just like Rob Bailey said the people who worked hard to create the business don't have to be good bosses anymore they get to be spoiled and do whatever they want and I think that's fair man but the way to get away with that is to hire someone who is a very good boss that everyone answers to and that guy answers to you and boom its solid

  • mcwild11

    Thx, this helped me to calm down and appreciate my job(workflow). Thanks

  • Grahamster909

    Now I understand why the Van video was so bad. It was rushed on a stressful day

  • Parker 5843
    Parker 5843

    3:35 what is that profile picture

  • Max Chambers
    Max Chambers

    Why not do a video about doing a video about doing a video?

  • Coding Kid
    Coding Kid

    Plot twist: This is just their way of getting one of those 7 needed videos so Linus can have a week off.

  • Zahid Wazir
    Zahid Wazir

    i genuinely feel so bad for that legend now.

  • Tech Aisle
    Tech Aisle

    Linus, I want you to know that even if you do LTT videos only once every two/three days, we will be fine :)

  • Anonymous 5
    Anonymous 5

    another one?

  • WAVE_GOD 海洋
    WAVE_GOD 海洋

    Linus "I want to sit and wallow in a pool of anxiety" James: "Can I join you?" Linus: ""

  • Jesus Estrada
    Jesus Estrada

    Theres just one thing to say "thank you" to everyone. It makes you apriciate every vídeo after seeing how much work is put into them you guys are the best.

  • epicjourneyAuz

    Please get James a different face mask so the editors don't have to motion track pixelation!!!

  • Alex Revna
    Alex Revna

    James "We need more videos, " Linus:"Make a video of us needing more videos? " James:Mk

  • MEDium Studios
    MEDium Studios

    I have a new found respect for James. This was bananas!

  • Dean Shea
    Dean Shea

    I personally think you have time for another channel 😂

  • DaMainDude

    lol I get really stressed out just watching this...

  • Lee Davis
    Lee Davis

    It might not be easy, but it's worth it

  • mauricio hermes
    mauricio hermes

    Overworking is the name of it. Entrepreneurs who aspire or at least started doing "what they like" should never let things get to this burnout point. Linus is almost cracking...

  • Eka Kurniawan
    Eka Kurniawan

    While this video is one on the list too....

  • Kevin

    9:30 So when the shooters _are_ ready, would you call this an... active shooter situation?

  • Israel Dilan-Pantojas
    Israel Dilan-Pantojas

    I just wanna give the whole team a big hug

  • Darkburrow

    I'd say, Don't do 7 videos a week... It's not even needed

  • 624static

    He mentions a video about Luke's new build, what channel is that going on?

  • mRipX

    emmy award winning acting

  • des8893

    This explains why some videos feature Linus walking on set seemingly unaware of what is going on.

  • A9 Ahmad
    A9 Ahmad


  • AshinMc

    You guys need a break for sure, like a week off or something...

  • J J
    J J

    I'd have thought Linus saying, "I'm gonna go caress my gold controller" was a pretty obvious euphemism but now I know better.

  • Nicolas

    Hey I really enjoy your videos and I get that you need to have sponsored content to keep the show running but I thought this was too much on the nose like you were just reading the talking points that were presented to you. I wasn't sure if you even use monday at all or just claimed to for the video... kind of a bummer

  • Lewys Cousins
    Lewys Cousins

    Just watching this makes me stressed 😂


    I love you guys so much, thanks for the awesome work you do!

  • Neal King
    Neal King

    Irony, making a video so the can fill a slot when they haven't enough videos

  • Neal King
    Neal King

    My friend says "it's super easy, barely an inconvenience"

    • Rob

      troll of a friend

  • shadowflar3

    I love this. It's like LMG goes The Office :D

  • BlackTapeProductions

    sarah is soooooo gorgeous omgah

  • Michael Desell
    Michael Desell

    Yeah, since Linus has to be involved in everything......

  • Scott Bermingham
    Scott Bermingham

    Why don’t you use the same titles for your video facebook vs youtube? Just wondering. 🤔

  • Louis Jones
    Louis Jones

    Wow, now I understand why LTT needs so many employees

  • Eryck Bednarski
    Eryck Bednarski

    By now... I must have watched thousands of your videos ...but this1 definitely stands out (in a good way) Keep it up 👆

  • Vacation. Pls
    Vacation. Pls guys use Monday. Company I work for uses it and it's pretty awesome for project management.

  • ZeroNyan

    "banned from Twitter"

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B

    I'm glad to see that linus is still so involved in the process. Gotta be stressful on him and james but that means it still has his touch.

  • Yorck Babinsky
    Yorck Babinsky

    I know its a commercial, but getting insides on how your whole operation works is the best thing ever! More of this please!


      Thanks for your comment. W>h>a>t>s>a>p>p>. +.❶.(3.❶.0).❺.1.❸.➃.➇.➃.1 In your difficultly

  • Sethflix


  • Ravindu

    Wow, it really does take a lot of work 5/5!

  • mtl shdr
    mtl shdr

    even when looking at shortcircuits, having Linus host a video does up the view counts by a good margin

  • Webdigo

    Look at 15:32 they had to censor out mask brand?

  • travelvidscom

    Nice behind the scenes

  • Ben Walsh
    Ben Walsh

    K, is this another example of them just substituting "" for "Trello" like they did when sponsored "How We Make Tech Quickie" or do we think they actually switched over?

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr

    This channel needs its own Parks & Recreation style spinoff.

  • Nobody Important
    Nobody Important

    i have such a massive amount of respect for you all now... oh man.

  • Sean Tells It
    Sean Tells It

    All I got from this is... if Linus dies... so does the business.

  • MCF

    this video is a tutorial to do a burn out

  • xvikingkong

    Now we know why they barely upload videos in channel super fun.

  • opopo

    So the whole premise of this video is how they don't have enough time to shoot videos, likely they didn't have enough videos for the week and shot this impromptu video to make up for it. Love the work

  • Sanket Chhabra
    Sanket Chhabra

    make a video like this everyweek so its one less video per week

  • 2flow4

    Oh no, can't make the 7 videos this week! Let's make a video about making so many videos. Problem solved :-)

  • Agent Holmes
    Agent Holmes

    " Extreme stressful situations "

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers

    Is this a mocumentary?

  • Hanif Muhammad
    Hanif Muhammad

    And as my leader as always says, "don't forget to use clockify today" maybe without that our company gonna crumble with work from home era

  • Khulhu Cthulhu
    Khulhu Cthulhu

    I noticed the planning thing, and realised it's a sponsored video...

  • Birds4Cats

    Okay, but that camera shirt can be found...where?

  • FireBlackDragon

    These two guy are siblings?

  • GeoHCA

    That was the most entertain 19 minute add I have ever seen. Loved it.

  • siddhant sehgal
    siddhant sehgal

    only legends know that the title of the video has been changed XDXD

  • seepeoplenotme

    Old Title: How we upload 17 videos a week

  • Manmit Vala
    Manmit Vala


  • Tech In The Car
    Tech In The Car

    I would love to make 7 videos a week except I am limited by not having access to as many cars as massive channels but eventually I will get there even if it’s another couple of years!

  • Adam Lewer
    Adam Lewer

    Lol, gotta help you out man, cause my couple weeks have been... crud??? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The elbow in the wall... At least it wasn't a stud. Lookin out for you bro ;-)

  • Oisin Moore
    Oisin Moore

    Hah. This video only confirmed what I already knew. The incentives to cut corners and decrease quality finally took over. Idiots.

  • Nitcher

    You guys are BEASTS.

  • Matteo Busceti
    Matteo Busceti

    Here I was wondering why there was so many people and rooms, now I understand lol.

  • Meticulous Seven
    Meticulous Seven

    On my best day, I'm not even 1/10th as ambitious as Linus

  • Jeremy Dueck
    Jeremy Dueck

    You guys are crazy, I could never manage this kind of schedule.

  • AZRubs

    Dang this was a good video, even I’m stressed out. I have a much greater appreciation for what you guys do now!

  • TheNadazza

    It would be funny if this video was a filler

  • Steve Blixt
    Steve Blixt

    Why not keep it simple and just have Linus Tech Tips only, which could include the variety that you now have in multiple channels? I mean how many millions of dollars do you really need to make each year?

  • Jarred Olmstead
    Jarred Olmstead

    Fascinating video

  • Patricio Pinoargote
    Patricio Pinoargote

    The lopsided plastic locally hook because mail disappointedly meddle a a happy damage. common, rhetorical night

  • Karnige

    I love hearing 20 year olds complain they are tired and having to come into work then seeing linus work 12 plus hour days and scramble plus deal with his wife and kids

  • GrafiL

    Hey, am, I know this might be a little crazy… but… am, how about doing one less video for LTT a week?

  • Garvit Vyas
    Garvit Vyas

    Spoilers.for Linus Tech Tips Phase 3 😄

  • Joe G.P.
    Joe G.P.

    please let someone else host the WAN show from time to time, Linus is by far the worst host and he's busy anyway.

  • Impo1106

    OwO Sarah cute

  • stan kidofu
    stan kidofu

    this really explains why linus seems to angry, disinterested and burned out for the past year or so... it doesnt seem like things are organized all that well...