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Can a sketchy company make a good product? We tried out PeakDo's wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver and the results might surprise you.

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link:
iTunes Download Link:
Artist Link:

Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:12 Wireless History
2:14 PeakDo
4:16 1080p 60Hz
6:14 Signal Interference
7:30 25m Test
9:49 Product Info
12:20 Outro

  • Coolcakes

    These sponsor Segues are getting smoother each video, Im impressed.

    • Pseudocode

      the only way it would be better is if LTT was actually sponsored by Segway

    • Tucker Zinda
      Tucker Zinda

      Not gonna lie they had me in the first half

    • VanCamelCat

      Actually, not everybody feels that way. Recently, I have been stopping Linus vids mid way because there are waaaaaaaay too many sponsors per video and they are NOT usually done well anymore. That being said, this specific video showed that there's still a chance the sponsor segways will keep being fun like they used to be. Maybe kist lower the quantity and increase the jok quality a bit and people like me will stop skipping them or closing the vids all together because of them.

    • BigBax

      @be happy ?

    • Decky

      I yet to read your comment, but yeah, I just noticed

  • XArtist084

    Best sponsor introduction LOL

  • nobaccos

    will this bring my electricity bill down???

  • Andre T
    Andre T

    Hmm wonder how this plays into 5G or 6G or Harmony Connections??? If you had a whack of these as nodes essentially. Never really diconnecting. Like Starlink...

  • evan De Guelle
    evan De Guelle

    hey linuis in the website it says it can do 120 hz PeakDo 4k Station Pro $399.00 $329.00 Application: Extend PC/Mac/Android/iPad audio/video signal to an external HDMI display such as to monitor/projector without wire. Technology: 60Ghz technology loads a massive amount of data from the signal source to display without any process. Spec: Picture Quality: High Resolution Mode: 3840*2160 @ 30Hz Balance Mode: 1920*1080 @ 60Hz "High Refresh Rate Mode: 1920*1080 @ 120Hz" Range: 100ft Latency: less than 1ms response time. Installation: Plug and play, it works the way how traditional HDMI cable works, but wireless

  • Can İbanoğlu
    Can İbanoğlu

    Dat sponsor segueway...

  • Ricardordz11

    That sponsor segue was beyond our simple human minds

  • Jezza2247

    No matter whether or not cables become irrelevant, ridge wallet will still try to define the wallet

  • Cody Blackwelder
    Cody Blackwelder

    My DJI FPV V2 Goggles will do 120 fps 720p on a flying Drone with pretty good range, Would love to see your review on it

  • Pork Pie
    Pork Pie

    Bad advice. Too much EMR in the enviroment as it is

  • Glauckoma

    Linus you should resource a company and make a wireless transmitter for 1080p 120hz

  • Matthew

    Its actually time to bring cables back. Linus the shill.

  • Peter Nicol
    Peter Nicol

    Of interest if u look on the peakdo website right now the are selling a 4K version and a 4K pro version which has the 1080p 120 ghz display option. Seems they are watching!


    How many of you have dreamt a world with no wires? Uhm, Nikola Tesla would have accomplished it if it wasn't for that cheat Edison

  • Marko K.
    Marko K.

    Love how you use dark reader so we don't burn our eyes anymore :)

  • The Sleepy Craftsman & More
    The Sleepy Craftsman & More

    2041: Wired Wireless

  • nedforresterdp

    It's Mouses Linus, not mice. (isn't it obvious?)

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    This is what i've been waiting for, is there any other product that does the same but is not as "sketchy" as this one?

  • ragtop63

    1:52 Linus being passive aggressive


    can't wait for the ltt faraday cage

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      refractive index or most often the dielectric constant. You referred the latency to the velocity factor. It is not right. PLEASE TALK TO SOMEBODY BEFORE YOU SHOOT VIDEOS.


    face it, you don't watch linus tech tips just for the tech tips, but also for the smooth segues

  • AliciaBrownSugar

    Not gonna lie, I liked that segue into your sponsor, haha. Really thought you were gonna show the wireless HDMI adapter.

  • Pali Ch.
    Pali Ch.

    linus crushed my dreams with that sponsor segment

  • EmperorCookie

    Ridge Wallet has redefined where the bar for quality of segues should be!

  • Akshat

    like cmon that sponsor, seriously !! i hit the like jus for that he got me this time.

  • Lizardo

    I died with the small door. lol

  • taiiat

    this has a long way to go for gaming. 1080p120? that's basically budget thesedays. at the cost of this sort of Hardware, the person that's going to be buying it, probably has a Computer that can do 1440p240. so, there's quite a ways to go yet.

  • Travis

    look at a chart of the radio spectrum, see how Fn huge the area is jus the US alone uses, n youll see y products like these arent more plentiful or cheaper, theirs jus not that much spectrum we have access to

  • Travis

    it looks like ur demonstrating how bad 20 year old tech is when u show how easy it is to mess the signal up its still cool tho

  • Tomy Tomy
    Tomy Tomy

    without cables ehh.. maybe let's figure out how to get rid of the power cables :) that'd be a game changer for humanity and would save tons on electronic pollution.

  • Moksh Gada
    Moksh Gada

    There was an ETA Prime video on this about a year ago

  • mafiawerbung

    Watercooled wireless hdmi cable

  • Andrew VR
    Andrew VR

    I use a wired mouse and keyboard. Cant be dealing with charging them

  • Michael Van Geertruy
    Michael Van Geertruy

    Dude, the fuzziness of this page is making me think I'm going blind.

  • Yvon Cui
    Yvon Cui

    Linus! You are wrong again. Speed of information is the group velocity or the derivative of the dispersion relation. It is not the phase velocity which is directly affected by the refractive index or most often the dielectric constant. You referred the latency to the velocity factor. It is not right. PLEASE TALK TO SOMEBODY BEFORE YOU SHOOT VIDEOS.

  • Gene Auber
    Gene Auber

    damn, Linus actually sounds like a dude when your speakers go out and only the subwoofer is working

  • crowntotheundergroud

    I'm mostly excited about this tech for the sake of vr

  • LlamaFluff

    How could the shooter not realise the shot was out of focus

  • William Kalagayan
    William Kalagayan


  • sliightDriizzle

    Alright, whoever wrote the sponsorship segue is a genius

  • Dylan Kellison
    Dylan Kellison

    I find that cutting the wires helps them disappear.

  • Dan-O Dad
    Dan-O Dad

    Ridge wallet - fine if you don't carry any cash or anything bigger than a credit card. Ridge wallet price - unjustifiable.

  • Sirradez

    I wonder if that would work for consoles. EDIT: it does

  • Le patenteux -
    Le patenteux -

    If the video is of no interest for you... look at the unicorn sponsor segway... 100% worth it! :D


    Only liking for the ad segue

  • NEKO_фΨф

    Use that dongle to replace the older pcvr headsets HDMI, just requires a mounting system on the headset.

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    David's laughter is SOOOO hilarious! 😆😆😆😆 "hyena noises" - I'm done. 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • evifnoskcaj

    You all constantly giggling throughout this entire video makes it my new favorite.

  • rasheedqe

    Greatest commercial for a product ever. They literally could not stop the product from working.

  • Xero

    Broadcasting your video signal between your PC and display for 25 meters? Surely that doesn't produce any security issues....

  • ktz leaps
    ktz leaps

    7:04 I think mainly cause we're human beings and we're responding biologically to frequencies and especially ones which were never really present in our everyday life for basically ever.

  • Richard Grayson
    Richard Grayson

    "wireless display" still needs a usb-c cable to plug into your pc.

  • sagbag

    king of sponsor plugs. no cap

  • Christopher Monahan
    Christopher Monahan

    Okay for some reason the phrase "Intel WhyDie" has me in stitches

  • SpectreFury

    I noticed today that I always vibe hard at ltt's intro

  • The Romanian Reaver
    The Romanian Reaver

    You talk a fair bit of physical interference but next to nada on wireless interference. Which frankly is stupid for one very obvious reason: Multi-monitor setups. Even assuming this is only used for "wireless HDMI" the moment you have two of em in relatively close proximity (as you would with 2-3 monitors) then you're gonna drop bandwidth by interference alone. You already see this with WiSA speakers, Xbox Wireless and standard 5Ghz connections. The phone ain't gonna give a damn, it'll auto-switch to 2.4Ghz if it gets bad enough but your controller or speaker might start dropping like mofos when you're watching 4K video on your phone via the 5Ghz. So no this is never gonna be a replacement for HDMI, even with refinements. It's gonna be a companion which in certain scenarios will be the better choice but otherwise nope.

  • Peter Ebode
    Peter Ebode

    Company looks sketchy and product too good right? Give it a full security check..

  • Icarus Windjammer
    Icarus Windjammer

    Hollyland enters the chat.

  • Swapnil Rana
    Swapnil Rana

    That sponsor segue, touché

  • Vladimir Fernandez
    Vladimir Fernandez

    2:38 LOL

  • cydonical

    With everyone worried about 5G giving them cancer faster... what's our life expectancy with this thing transmitting 4K data rates through us?... continuously! Think I'll stick with wired, Linus.

  • Lawrence Grayson
    Lawrence Grayson

    They can "disappear" the wire connecting pc & monitor all they want, you still have to plug the monitor into the wall socket. I'd rather have a gaming monitor that was powered through the display cable off the PC's power supply.

  • Henry Lichfield
    Henry Lichfield

    the Segue was killer

  • Phillip Robertson
    Phillip Robertson

    *Now it's time for WIRELESS charging!*

  • Nilson Ruiz
    Nilson Ruiz

    I’m waiting for the wireless power cable.

  • Preston Fernandes
    Preston Fernandes

    This is their most unexpected sponsor yet

  • Chris Morrish
    Chris Morrish

    add laser pointers for alignment over longer distances

  • Eddie San
    Eddie San

    Best sponsor segue so far. 😂

  • Citizen Shenanigans
    Citizen Shenanigans

    Sooo, how much cancer does it cause? 🤣

  • Jonny Boy
    Jonny Boy

    "completely wireless!" just plug in this power wire and....

  • braind scand
    braind scand

    HDMI transmitter it should call

  • Jonny Boy
    Jonny Boy

    I wonder when ridge wallet will finally go away?

  • H3XO3ZE - Online
    H3XO3ZE - Online

    That intro was one hell of an emotional rollercoaster

  • Sean Coley
    Sean Coley

    That initial segue was epic.

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    wow! That sponsor, omg! I F love this channel!

  • DeadlyAu

    this might be a dumb question but say you had multiple monitors or lots of other wireless signals would it affect the performance of the display signal

  • REGAL Black
    REGAL Black

    This tech is not ready yest

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      mmm picks up next doors feed am sure they have fun stuff on

  • Luke Missirian-Parise
    Luke Missirian-Parise

    “WiDi”. Dang, you were just distended to di. And if you can’t already figure it out, don’t even bother asking “Wi?”

  • loli kawaii
    loli kawaii

    I prefer to stay with wires as much as I can, because it is safer if all that signals run through the wires rather than through my body. Because there is literally NO investigations of how all of these hundreds of our wifi, bluetooth, and other signals going through our body at the same time impacts our overall health DURING THE LIFETIME because all of these technologies are relatively too young to have such statistics, and new wireless technologies appears and release too fast to be completely proved if they are thuly harmless. We need decades of observation to measure it. So better be a little bit old, use good old wires at least on your desktop PC, because you certainly will not regret it if in next 10-20 years medics and scientists operating the 20-30 years of statistics will prove that too many wireless networks over the years will increase a risk of cancer for example, or some other diseases. I better be less mobile but more healthy.

  • Simon Wood
    Simon Wood


  • Tazz Man
    Tazz Man

    Linus "There was no obvious way to disassemble it without damaging it" Me 🤔: since when has that stopped you?

  • Nothing rhymes with Silver.
    Nothing rhymes with Silver.

    I LOVE WIRES go ahead make fun of me

  • Vane


  • Pandiz

    wow. that segue. just wow.

  • Anshuk Sahu
    Anshuk Sahu

    Bruh like, I wish had so many sponsors

  • Marco Sousa
    Marco Sousa

    i knew it and still fell for it

  • Nicholas Davidson
    Nicholas Davidson

    10 ADP 120

  • Rikki

    wireless power cable gonna be lit 🔥

  • The Legend 27
    The Legend 27

    You should use Bluetooth for this!

  • xDevilcryx

    This is what i've been waiting for, is there any other product that does the same but is not as "sketchy" as this one?

  • beep2bleep

    10:33 You are wrong about the Vive wireless it currently works at 2048×1224 90 Hz. They hope to go to 3264×1632 x 90hz "soon". Source:

  • chris campbell
    chris campbell

    mmm picks up next doors feed am sure they have fun stuff on

  • Wyatt Webb
    Wyatt Webb

    Does he actually play or not cause the games always moving on it's own


    He looks like he aged 5 YEARS in 1 year.... Damn

  • Hard Cold
    Hard Cold

    He needs to define meters for those of us in the US - this is not Europe!

  • Hard Cold
    Hard Cold

    Who needs a wireless HDMI unless it is to hook up other devices to it from a distance?

  • Hard Cold
    Hard Cold

    Wireless transmissions are no longer the problems, but wireless POWER is. With wireless cellphone charging tech, that MAY indeed solve the primary problem in the future!

  • Chirantan Nath
    Chirantan Nath

    I still have some questions. Why can't WiGig replace WiFi? And how the fuck does it work?

  • Karl Lee
    Karl Lee

    I think with a few adjustments where the signal is not pinpoint but spreads in a wider range and also imagine if you have a wall mounted HDMI though out your house. I wonder if you could have multiple displays going from once computer?