What Happens if you Water Cool an Air Cooler?
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0:00 Water cooling w/ bottle
0:13 Where is the socket?
0:52 .tech
1:07 Intro
1:17 Why does this mobo exist?
3:51 Building a computer but it feels weird
8:23 Testing the passive cooler
9:54 Hello Steve
9:59 Oh no
10:32 lttstore.com shout out
10:35 The dunk
11:29 We realized a clear bin would be better for video
12:45 Thermal imaging is cool
17:09 FlexiSpot
17:57 End card

  • Streamer Yasi
    Streamer Yasi

    New Sketchy heatsinks series: Watercooling.

  • GrMan

    This is the reason why people love Linus and his team, we love seeing him struggling on what he do best, playing on those techs, doing the unusual stuffs... and WTH that water splash almost gave me a heart attack

  • Tristan Thomas
    Tristan Thomas

    This whole video was one slow panic attack for me

  • Lordmagnet !!!
    Lordmagnet !!!


  • Autronic

    i laughed my ass out with this one nice guys.

  • Tzeff's Main Channel
    Tzeff's Main Channel

    LOL! These guys are NUTS...in a good way! XD

  • the slam jamfrincisco
    the slam jamfrincisco

    I remember a month ago someone made a comment saying they would try this…

  • Jonathan Atchison
    Jonathan Atchison

    just wait give them time and they will try a version of the dry-ice cooled pc and you know if they do that they will want to overclock it.

  • Pleeper

    "Water cooling"

  • ScoFoZo

    No CMOS battery lmao what is this board!?

  • heni63


  • giu

    the better would be to put the pump on the side to create a circular flow and align the heat sink so it doesn't disturb the flow

  • Deep Patel_ 3459
    Deep Patel_ 3459

    omg this vid is a nightmare for people with ocd 💀💀💀

  • Dispie Dark
    Dispie Dark

    Yeah this looks pretty janky for pro hardware, And i dont see the point of this huge thing. EKWB there industrial water solutions will probably just fit in a case and not be a hassle. And if you have to mod your case, it should not be on the support list.

  • S K
    S K

    Did you try flipping the chipset cooler around?

  • Reagan Huang
    Reagan Huang

    Thumbs up for that beautiful beard linus wearing.

  • qime

    the most inconvenient water cooler ever

  • MobSlicer152

    "With a dremel, anything is compatible with anything". Famous last words.

  • YajraS

    “I don’t make the rules around here Brandon” Yes, we all know Yvonne is Linus’s boss.

  • Kai Mitchell
    Kai Mitchell

    Use liquid nitrogen 😂

  • Jimmy Schwarz
    Jimmy Schwarz

    Major hardware wants to know your location

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams

    Add salt to the water ice mixture.

  • GRHmedia

    Talking about an absolute fail in electrical safety. Didn't use any electrical gloves doubt they used a GFI even. They didn't even have the sense to power of and unplug when moving the PC around. Not a video you want your insurance company viewing.

  • Phil Michmerhuizen
    Phil Michmerhuizen

    Put liquid nitrogen in the bucket 🪣


    flaco dale media píla vende eso a la mrd sabes el laboratorio que te armas ponete pillio

  • Farhan Navas
    Farhan Navas

    Miners: *"intresting"*

  • boe dillard
    boe dillard

    This is GLORIOUS! The only problem is that most cases for some inane reason barely have enough space on the back side for wire management let alone a massive cpu heat sync. I really wish case designers added another inch of width for wire management.

  • B Leroy
    B Leroy

    You're 15 years late to the trend. People were already doing liquid nitrogen heatsink cooling back then.

  • Jacob Barnes
    Jacob Barnes

    refrigerant and air conditioning compressor would perform wonders with cooling. Imagine the overclocking capabilities.

  • Red X
    Red X

    What if you were to create a cuboid case around the computer, completely filled with water? Run the heatsink for the CPU/GPU to the bottom, and the hotter water will naturally flow to the top, circulating the water passively. Plus, zero chance for dust.

  • Red X
    Red X

    Real caveman cooling

  • Thomas S
    Thomas S

    This video gave me anxiety.

  • mokito comp
    mokito comp

    Ummm... I think maybe someone needs to do some testing (again) on the effects of EM on cognitive function. Between the 3 favorite tech channels (my favorites anyway), Steve at GN seems to be the least drawn to insane tech solutions and experiments, although that might be due to the hair. Linus and Jay (jayztwocents) seem more prone to extreme case mods and an unnatural fascination with water and ice with regards to PC play. Seriously, cool board and fun experiment... uh oh, crazy idea... Aquariums need water heaters to regulate temps for the fish (fresh water tropicals anyway)... a glass cutter, some silicon sealant... ok, crazy ideas are spreading... time for my own check-up. Cya... 🤣

  • Samurai Shampoo
    Samurai Shampoo

    GamersNexus overclocking videos: liquid nitrogen LinusTechTips overclocking videos: faucet water and p r e m i u m i c e

  • DragonMasterEevee

    So this is just water cooling with extra steps!!

  • christian decker
    christian decker

    i think this board would be good for a sff console style setup

  • Priyanshu Singh
    Priyanshu Singh

    Does any company make a heat sink in which a pump carry water in zig-zag pattern in a copper pipe with aluminium fins while being cooled by a fan... you know the kind of zigzag copper pipes we see in refrigerators and ACs... P.S. I know how other coolers works so please don't reply with "do you even know... have you ever heard of "

  • go ja
    go ja

    저게 안 터지다니 용감한 사람들

  • TheRandomGuyFromDownUnder

    Ok, but can you water cool, a watercooled pc?

  • Richard Barclay
    Richard Barclay

    "I don't know let's find out" Linus sounded so Canadian just then.

  • eltrix

    i love his enthusiasm for his videos

  • Gabriel Nilo
    Gabriel Nilo

    Linus Tech Tips`s days without an accident:

  • Arian Mallory
    Arian Mallory

    uhh Liquid Nitrogen?

  • Don's Tech
    Don's Tech

    Don's Tech check it out it's a small ISnets channel

  • Vince Longman
    Vince Longman

    This is really interesting, would love to see an ITX/SFF version. Vertical GPU on the mobo side, CPU cooler on the back

  • Dan Florescu
    Dan Florescu

    Make it votka cooled

  • Krivulda

    Yeah because conducting heat down is really easy... :D

  • Roblox Gaming Polska
    Roblox Gaming Polska


  • Tora Fuliar
    Tora Fuliar

    When Linus ripped the bag of ice with his teeth I half expected a "get yours @ LLTstore.com"

  • aaqd

    This video made me anxious as hell

  • Joe G.P.
    Joe G.P.

    i would have liked to see what difference just tilting the case back 90° would have made, it would have oriented the fins in a way that would allow some natural air convection.

  • Reid Wallace
    Reid Wallace

    If you had put a few cups of salt in that water I bet you could have run that bitch below room temp.

  • Stephen Womack
    Stephen Womack

    I have this same case lol, time to get me one of those bad boys

  • Donny Yi
    Donny Yi

    use dry ice

  • WirableCrown

    Now I can heat my Ramen noodle water while gaming!

  • Chris Branham
    Chris Branham

    The colder a cpu is, the faster it is Use a liquid nitrogen powered heatsink Get it to sub zero

  • Daniel Weber
    Daniel Weber

    So, Linus is against submerge cooling but will do this? Still, fun to watch but oh dear god way too close to the water for my liking.

  • Dylan Zablow
    Dylan Zablow

    Linus is clearly getting bored

  • nelson Guardado
    nelson Guardado

    lol that was an extreme water cooling

  • zIHaXSaWIz

    this is the first video ive watched since building my first computer, the old one im replacing had an I7 6700k lol

  • pntruongan2005

    What's with the clock ticking sound in the background. Made me run around my room checking all the watch and clock a little bit.

  • Adriano

    It can go lower, if You'll mix salt with water 👍

  • scheissewerfer

    After 2 hours of gaming: "MOOOOOM! BUCKET!!"

  • Bodescu Andrei
    Bodescu Andrei

    You know the water will vaporize and the vapors will go into the motherboard

  • Short Twinn
    Short Twinn

    Lmao I felt like the hit to the face was intentional 😂😂😂😂

  • Kamaki

    11:04 Nono, that's bucket cooling baby :D

  • Oleg OlegunCHES
    Oleg OlegunCHES

    Гениальное расположение, мать его, процессорного сокета

  • Z3R0XI5

    You should get one of those small freezers to mount on the back of the pc keeping the heatsink inside the cool air 😃

  • Nino Bucao
    Nino Bucao

    How nerds die

  • Alex J
    Alex J

    Please do liquid nitrogen for the gaming mono 😭

  • nam3l3ss Player
    nam3l3ss Player

    I guess need to make plumber appointment before my next build :P

  • zector

    Good throw Alex. Keep it up and I might watch another of your videos.

  • Wei Ryan
    Wei Ryan

    I just had the same thought this week. But they ran faster than me.

  • Zarrundra Tor'virr
    Zarrundra Tor'virr

    17:11 There is absolutely no reason why he should have put a mask on...

    • connor macphail
      connor macphail

      Theres people in the same room as him?

  • Mech Eagle
    Mech Eagle

    Please dont try this at home !

  • Jason Estrada
    Jason Estrada

    ill be ur friend

  • 666papcio

    stupid but fun

  • Dragon Tamer
    Dragon Tamer

    if you could somehow invert that you will have far better cooling as heat rises. What y'all are doing is relying on leaching.. Have the PC on bottom and seal the cooling chamber above it and put the motor back in. It will drastically reduce the heat dissipation.

  • thmikachu

    how about, way bigger cooler and a literal frozen lake? welcome to finland. First ever lake cooled PC ?

  • Karl Morgan
    Karl Morgan

    Feel like the clickbait should be "don't try this at home. For the love of god"


    I just realized, close ur eyes, Linus sounds like Michael Scott when he's being funny

  • Beanie Dog
    Beanie Dog


  • antivyris

    Oddly enough, lack of a battery can be very common for things shipped from specific regions, as some customs don't allow batteries to be shipped.

  • The Mad Lads
    The Mad Lads

    “We Water Coolee an Air Cooler!”

  • Sagnik Titanz
    Sagnik Titanz


  • Donut

    Alex on the table is definatley making OSHA cringe

  • Eggdog

    So if you water it, will it grow and spawn another CPU?

  • Kristoffer Cummings
    Kristoffer Cummings

    What happens when you have a simp tantrum for a commie and then delete all your comments?

  • DencioC.

    WOW! Thank bro its work great ! You can slove my problemm!

  • Stuart Fricke
    Stuart Fricke

    aren't you loosing lots of performance of the heat pipes by having them upside down? Also unless you remove heat from the water it will slowly warm up loosing performance.

  • Sauvik Sarkar
    Sauvik Sarkar

    My PC just died are you willing to donate one?

  • Blair Shepherd
    Blair Shepherd

    Water Cool an Air Cooler is now a water cooler


    Where giveaway master pc?

  • svfutbol20

    What a madman

  • pyro moon
    pyro moon

    I dont really know


    If ever computers rule this world linus will be avenged .

  • Branden McKinney
    Branden McKinney

    I bet that big cooler would fit in the Tower 900 just fine

  • Mr0meed

    17:36 please what is the name of the keyboard?

  • wilson lu
    wilson lu

    The aromatic whiskey temporarily mate because iris globally announce pro a dull tuesday. likeable, cute swordfish

  • Ben Crawshaw
    Ben Crawshaw

    If you had added salt you would have rapidly cooled that cpu. salt and ice used to be the way to make ice cream.