Can They Watercool Better Than Me?
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  • Bror Ragnar Collander
    Bror Ragnar Collander

    why is this in ONLY 360p right now? :(

  • Da Breezy
    Da Breezy

    NiceHash is BULLSHIT I tried to use it so I could make a little extra cash with my 1660 ti and their "quick miner" links specifically for Nvidia cards just takes you too 404: Page Not Found. I tried every link they have on the page.

  • James Potter
    James Potter

    Why is this in 360p all of a sudden, I checked against other videos and I can play in 4k

  • Aurora The Otter
    Aurora The Otter

    is it me or is this video only have 360p as a option

  • gameflux

    Cool !

  • Stanimir Rankovski
    Stanimir Rankovski

    wait.. 360p? lol

  • H8handles Security
    H8handles Security

    Keep it LTT orange stealth would be a horrible branding choice

  • iAmMeaty juggernaut
    iAmMeaty juggernaut

    why the resolution is cap at 360p T_T

  • Varad Rane
    Varad Rane

    why is the quality of the vod just 360p??

  • Wouter van der Bruggen
    Wouter van der Bruggen

    Why is the reply only 360p?

  • Donovan Fine
    Donovan Fine

    Fans have 2 arrows on the injection molded housing. One shows fan rotation direction and the other shows airflow direction.

  • Rainbow Spec
    Rainbow Spec

    For some reason the top quality for the video is 360p. Weird

  • Drayke Black
    Drayke Black

    Interesting. In my 25+ years of experience, Desktops die and laptops don't. The batteries die, sure but the machines themselves seem to last forever.

  • IRMacGuyver

    I'd love to know what Chase's qualifications where cause I've run live events for over a decade now and gotta say he still makes a lot of rookie mistakes.

  • Luis Taira
    Luis Taira

    Jesus. 5 hours. And i'm going to sit here and watch everything like I always do.

  • leonheartzx

    Why do these streamed videos go down to 360p? Was half way watching it the other day to now find it at this abysmal quality 😔

  • Thomas Corrigan
    Thomas Corrigan

    5 hr speed water cooling 360p!

  • Thran Maru
    Thran Maru

    When they're mining cryp-- *cough cough*, editing 12k footage

  • IntenseShibe

    Hey Linus! I got a water cooling idea, why don’t you use the cooling mechanism on an ac and make all the airflow funnel throughout the mother board? Or maybe also mix it with a water cooler?

  • The Oreo
    The Oreo

    LTT Director's commentary! I'm all for that!

  • Joel EGon
    Joel EGon

    I built a system 11 years ago with water cooling and still is alive and fully working. Unfortunately the video card just started to freak out with the latest Windows 10 update from April 2021. Apart from that, I'm still using that water cooled dinosaur Core i7 extreme edition from 2009 !!

  • LefNut

    I thought by watching this, it would help calm the urge to build a new PC.....i was wrong

  • Stefan Ejegod
    Stefan Ejegod

    Am I the only one surprised that the official LTT screwdriver isn't all orange? I mean I don't know who made the original one, but that's the one I think about when you mention "linus" and "screwdriver".

  • sylvain savoie
    sylvain savoie

    Try a tube cutter work lots better and cleaner cut

  • FoulBall Guy
    FoulBall Guy

    Use me as a “we want orange” button.

  • TanguilleGrootaert

    We need a legit Linus VS Jake pc building race with exactly the same equiptment, no excuses possible.

  • Luciano Góes
    Luciano Góes

    So educacional! I'll avoid water cooling as long as I can! LOL

  • Mohammed Rahman
    Mohammed Rahman

    Have you ever tried a mineral oil project for cooling?

  • Jonathan Ellmann
    Jonathan Ellmann

    Can you Maintain everything on your vehicle??? "if you can't maintain it you shouldnt own it". Then goes on a tangent trying to back himself up and not sound conceited. You have to be joking me even when you are just pressing a button for a controlled continuous explosion that is a rocket there are soooo many parameters that have to be exactly correct and all the turbo pumps must spool to feed the engine at and exact ratio, , water suppression must activate to protect the rocket and the countless other parameters that must be absolutely perfect or its a scrub or can end up with a RUD.

  • Ben Jac Marshall
    Ben Jac Marshall

    Why isn’t the ratchet’s direction reversible?

  • Tarick

    I'm not getting the problem with the screwdriver but because of the EU US talk I'm very scared to buy. Please upload a good overview of it when selling

  • Kurt S.
    Kurt S.

    What was the question about the ratcheting mechanism going the other way around?

  • sremik

    The unhealthy operation indirectly arrest because slipper thermodynamically tie but a shivering attention. black, elderly thermometer

  • Aaajdmchoes

    @LinusTechTips Splashzone is the marine grade jbweld

  • Enter Plasma
    Enter Plasma

    Here's one for you = speedbuild livestream with Raja Koduri, and live counter on who drops the most hardware

  • OprahsKankles

    The vast lyocell unfortunatly command because ocelot overwhelmingly instruct below a scandalous shake. protective, thin shampoo

  • Matt Fisher
    Matt Fisher

    LTT vs Gamers Nexus vs Jayz2Cents water-cooling challenge?

  • Gustaf Andersson
    Gustaf Andersson

    "Laptops die". Here I am smiling while watching on a first generation thinkpad X1 carbon with GNU/Linux. Yes, a laptop from 2010. However, the only reason it can keep up is because of the hardware decoding in the Intel integrated graphics. Otherwise it would be unusable today. If you want to invest in a 10+ years laptop then always check the hardware decoding support to get 10+ years out of it. Yes, AMD, your hardware decoding support on Ryzen simply is not competitive at all and decreases the lifetime of laptops where your APUs are used by at least 5 years compared to Intel or Apple right now.

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith

    Seeing Linus turn into a queen is always fun. We need more vids like this.

  • lukas

    you should call the screw driver the "LTT Stealth Driver"

  • EgaoKage

    Short driver-bits are totally not rare. They mainly exist for those mini flat ratchets (bout the size of a standard disposable lighter). You can usually find one, with a set of bits, for under $10 US. I think I paid $6.99 for one, just this past year. And if you wanna go all-out and get the fancy 'made in Japan' version, it's still under $20...

  • ctk4949

    The last guy, was talking and playing around tooooooooo much. Had no chance!! All that trash talk for nooooooothing!! SAD!!

  • Odeafun Aflopean
    Odeafun Aflopean


  • Matt

    For anyone that's interested, the thermal pads in the 3090 FE are trash. Even if you don't want to watercool, you can improve the memory cooling a lot by replacing the pads with something better, there are a few guides on youtube if anyone's interested. I'd assume the same to be the case with other 30 series FE cards.

  • Cortes Crawford
    Cortes Crawford

    It's a bit funny that more tech tips are given out in their streams than like 50 videos.

  • IRMacGuyver

    @11:50 they aren't knives Linus. They're "cutlery" and that clears up most shipping issues.

  • Voll Ständig
    Voll Ständig

    You may not get so many sample cards, but still getting so many 3090 in general in just 3 months, while others could not get any at all is quite the advantage.

  • IRMacGuyver

    9:30 50% is a pass in Canada? No wonder nobody takes Canada seriously.

  • IRMacGuyver

    I'm so disappointed this isn't Whole Room Water Cooling 2.0

  • Wayne Ryan
    Wayne Ryan

    Can you help me out I'm building my little boy a pc for Christmas. I have everything apart from the gpu. Can you tell me what I need for it to play well aswell as play vr, also something that won't break my bank I have 6 kids to buy for lol

  • Luke Glover
    Luke Glover

    Linus acting like Alex's mom after they built theirs though haha

  • Naturally Bad Gamer
    Naturally Bad Gamer

    I was going to watercool again, but then recalled the headache when things broke and the maintanance. so moved the pc's into their own box room and left them all aircooled, with extention leads going to the office. result was super quite for streaming. still miss watercooling, but don't miss the headaches which come.

  • anupkumarrao

    You are lucky - I re-subscribed to your channel... only because you accept your mistakes

  • Aidan Pryde
    Aidan Pryde

    "When you do things fast, they take less time" - words of wise.

  • ShLongest

    dO yOu KnOw hOw LOng iT tOoK uS tO gET 3090s???

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    Super.....errr clock.

  • Morgan Sedge
    Morgan Sedge

    Linus who cares about Noctua beauty they are the best fans out there

  • Andy

    Destin from Smarter Every Day (bonafide Rocket Scientist) loses his sh*t around 26 minutes in…

  • Ahmed Elhossainy
    Ahmed Elhossainy

    "Water cooling hermit" are the words I want on my gravestone.

  • FG

    44:00 That's why high performance automotive radiators uses shrouds to distribute flow. I'd be interested to see if a DIY shroud makes a difference on a PC rad if you are limited in surface area but have space for more thickness.

  • Johannes Schneider
    Johannes Schneider

    So Linus maintans all his cars by himself?

  • Makhaya Jones
    Makhaya Jones

    Super cockx2

  • Muspel

    EVGA RTX 3090 Spercock, damn nice sku.

  • Junaeid Shadib
    Junaeid Shadib

    shoots using 12k resolution cameras Video comes out at 1080p

  • Mayank Jariya
    Mayank Jariya

    most leds dont run at 12v. there are surface mount resistors on the 12v strip to control both I & V. Lie nus

  • SmilieLyon

    Why oh why would you not plan the loop? My 1st loop (only) I designed a complete what goes where doc to facilitate it

  • Pizza

    OMG James "Is this mic off?" **peeing noises**

  • PonySlaveStation

    Linus can u remind me whats the difference between buying overpriced gpu from a store or overpriced gpu from a scalper? I dont give a frick from who u buy them just be honest...

  • NicoNine

    Hi, what tubing are you guys using, can you add that to the description please?

  • EMPmotoring

    Lambo themed screwdriver please

  • NightRogue

    1:17 - I need one of those “processing BURNRECOG.EXE 55%” memes thrown in right @ 1:20 plz and thx!

  • Just-Dave-it

    "It's not long enough" That's what she said.. "That's really borderline" That's what he said. XD

  • Parviz Hajizada
    Parviz Hajizada

    Since when you are good at watercooling Linus?

  • shalom p
    shalom p

    why not 4k????

  • Joonatan Voitto Scott
    Joonatan Voitto Scott

    This video was released on my 21st birthday earlier this Tuesday... I've seen only a great start of this stream, and it's already pretty darn fun content... Thanks for being awesome, dear @Linus Tech Tips! Take care, stay safe, healthy & strong, meaning your whole entire team... 🧡👍👍👍 Much love from Finland, wishes, yours' truly, your boy, Joonatan / JohnSco Music / Geometry Dash P0SITIV3

  • mrbunnylamakins


  • Christos Bot
    Christos Bot

    should have said "water cooling our mining stations" instead of "editing" at the start... for once in your life Linus, be honest for a change!

  • tech88596

    Linus - RTFM!! 🤣

  • Nathaniel Nolt
    Nathaniel Nolt

    The closed captions at 1:16 say "here at lying ass Media Group" LMAO!!

  • TheeNannigans

    LTT Snap-On eh? Lets see how it holds up against the williams ones on Amazon for half the price. Ill buy one to test against snap-on and williams and some others haha from amazon

  • ReallyAnti

    My wife is a rocket scientist. brb gonna go tell her that her job isn't hard.

  • Krydolph

    A lot of talk about the screwdriwer - no mention of the new stealth pants he is wearing!

  • Balakeh

    45:00 I can REALLY appreciate that James was able to openly criticize the plastic packaging, no beating around the bush just straight up "we can do better"

  • koo sha
    koo sha

    "nothing is hard, it's just a matter of knowing how" That's what she said

  • Isaiah

    How much cooling do these Canadians need really?

  • czarfore

    $69 is that USD or CD?

  • Stelard Actek
    Stelard Actek

    Anyone else still prefer old barbs and hose clamps?

  • Richard Ramos
    Richard Ramos

    where do we get a driver like that?

  • HJayarr

    If you can dodge a dart, you can dodge a ball

  • Spoiler Eleven
    Spoiler Eleven

    11 minutes into the video i noticed it's a 5hr long stream

  • Bobo The Eng.
    Bobo The Eng.

    Linus is all in Rick and Morty.

  • Ebsolas

    The orange on that screwdriver looks sick. Keep it please. Otherwise it's just "yet another screwdriver" without personality.

  • Flopbrock

    Hey linus or whowmever see this working at ltt Make a plastic knife or something not metal you can make it serated so its just as good and doesnt classify as a knife and its easier to paint plastic !!!! please reply if you see this lol or like idk 😂😂