People Will Literally Fight Over This - RTX 3070 Ti Review
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In an age where people will fight over even the chance to get a video card, does it really matter how one performs or what it costs? And is the 3070 Ti even any good?

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:48 The spec sheet
3:30 Test setup
3:44 Gaming
5:08 Productivity
6:20 Thermals \u0026 power
7:13 Buy almost literally any GPU at MSRP

  • R

    Can't wait for when these gpu flood the market again.

  • Nat

    Basically the whole GPU market is stupid. It is all just companies trying to inflate prices for more profits.

  • mirasga

    1st world problems...

  • HeLLo Ethnic
    HeLLo Ethnic

    It's x6 times more expensive than MSRP in Turkey, sad :(

  • Mr Feast
    Mr Feast

    Thank god for my new RX 6700 XT red devil ...... which I paid 1000 USD to order it from outside the country FML

  • KenoKereStyle

    Linus, can you please stop speculate the lenght of this GPU shortage? You're only making it worse by saying "it's going to be a very long time". No it wont. 2nd hand prices already dropped by 50% cause shops start to have stocks again and miners sell their gpu cause crypto is getting low. Stop manipulating people into buying overpriced gpu's.

  • Let's Quit
    Let's Quit

    ? 3070ti uses GDDR6X VRAM, that's why the wattage is so high

  • Nice

    Have a 970. I think it is time to upgrade. But not paying 2k 😂 i wait for next generasion

  • Nice

    Should test 3090 also

  • Moon Charge
    Moon Charge

    I got my cards at IMINERS,CO and they are great group of people. Cards are cheap, support is insane, shipping is fast and they provide wholesale discount. What can be better?

    • *U*F*C

      awesome bot xD

    • james johnson
      james johnson

      i got their cards and they are insane group of people. Awesome company.

  • Punjab Gaming
    Punjab Gaming

    Nvidia: Lets launch another Varient (just a little better and course at a higher price ) to meet gpu demand during this shortage..??????//?? I mean it is just bs that linus has to use some desperate kids video to justify this card..???///??

  • Taylor Clark
    Taylor Clark

    Is Linus a shill for Nvidia?


    Finally finished my first PC got my gpu today at microcenter not the one I wanted but the one I could afford. Maybe one day I’ll get that 3080

  • S J
    S J

    This seems like a new trend in marketing... artificially created shortage and hike the prices...

  • Sweetest Son
    Sweetest Son

    Repair shops are happily waiting

  • Ky Shogun
    Ky Shogun

    At this point I’m going to go rob linus tech tips warehouse and leave 500$

  • Kiev Gastador
    Kiev Gastador

    Watching someone Reviewing GPU in 2020-2021 is just like watching ur dream car

  • Rainbow 6 Noob
    Rainbow 6 Noob

    i need to know where Linus Tech Tips company is at, i need those GPUs. Time to plan a GPU heist

  • Marty Stines
    Marty Stines

    Well I didn't pay a scalper $500 plus, for my Series S. Waited til a Target near by had one for $300 and snatched it up. In a few weeks, I'm gonna have enough money to take 10 grand to my local Micro Center to build a monster (16k ready) PC. And I will wait to pay MSRP, or murder a scalper and take my stuff for free! Figures, I finally get enough money to do some things that I thought, I'd only ever dream about, then Covid had bring out all the Dooshbags of humanity. (Hope this makes sense, I'm tired) 😴 #BeingAnAssholeIsACrime #DeathToAssholes #MartyStinesForPresident2024

  • Adam Mauer
    Adam Mauer

    Just sitting here with my 3080 eating popcorn , keep at it peeps 😏

  • Wao Trolling
    Wao Trolling

    Can you release ltt bathwater already?

  • Ryan Fox
    Ryan Fox

    Reading a book ain't bad.

  • SGN: Storm Gaming Network
    SGN: Storm Gaming Network

    That's the most biased review guys, The leap it takes in terms of FPS over 3070 for almost every title is about 1-6% only. 👎🏻#LinusIsASoldBitch

  • Movie ForFree
    Movie ForFree

    In Malaysia a 3070..already costs a 1000 bucks.. The 3070ti will probably cost so much more


    i give up


    This card is pretty much pointless imo. It would have better value if it had more memory rather than faster memory, because once the graphics/textures are in memory, the performance is pretty much the same. In contrast, I believe having more memory will increase the lifespan of the card, since 8 GB can become a bottleneck in the future.

  • pinback

    linus the industry chill, dislike.

  • Richard Burrell
    Richard Burrell

    Yay more video card news about video cards nobody can get. I'm so sick of pointless video card news

  • Paul Callahan
    Paul Callahan

    I glad I able to build mine back at beginning on the year.

  • Tre Digi
    Tre Digi


  • Ouuu a Burger
    Ouuu a Burger

    Shop owner :Lets put gpu in Weed doesn't make people mad anymore.

  • james wubbolt
    james wubbolt

    People are suckered.

  • Saud Aj
    Saud Aj

    So what i understood from this video is that 3070 ti is slightly stronger than 3070 and it is 100$ more and they made it to make up for their shortages. Nvidia Logic Sucks man ! Edited: Go 3080 or 3080 ti if you can find one. That's my recommendation to high end gamers.

  • Sarkastik

    Me waiting for my ordered 1660 from the last 5 months due to stock shortage: Pathetic

  • Gustavo Moreno
    Gustavo Moreno

    Great, another card that no normal person could buy!

  • Billy Young
    Billy Young

    POV: you’re checking the comments to see if anyone has said anything about the 5 GPU’s sitting on Linus’ table while he talks about how people are fighting over them.

  • Tony Vongthong
    Tony Vongthong

    Those who calls it RTX Three Thousand Seventy:

  • Daniel Martinger
    Daniel Martinger

    i was lucky and got a 3090 for my 3d workstation 5 days ago.... i follow this situation and i am very sorry for everyone that cannot get a gpu. i waited from 2020 december until now jjune. not that bad..

  • ShootEmUp

    I'm losing my mind trying to get the RTX 3080 searching over 100 times a day all day everyday. For about 4 months this is getting to be BS all these auto buying bots buy them in less then 5 seconds after they get in stock every video card on every website is gone in seconds dam hacks. I am building the best gaming PC I ever did with Addressable RGB and it's the best high priced parts you can get. PC Specs down below. Motherboard : ASUS ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming WiFi 6 LGA 1200 CPU : Intel Core i9-10850K Comet Lake 10-Core 3.6 GHz LGA 1200 Memory : HyperX Predator RGB 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2933 CPU Cooler : NZXT Kraken Z Series Z73 360mm Customizable LCD Display M.2 SSD : SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS M.2 2280 500GB PCIe Gen 3.0 x4 Case : In Win Infinity Mirror Addressable RGB Case Fans : Corsair iCUE QL120 RGB 120mm Addressable RGB ----- The best looking Addressable RGB case fans you can get.

  • Niall

    These 30 series TI reviews have really shaken my faith in LTT's review system.

  • Nathan Thompson
    Nathan Thompson

    preston is a long time xqc sub

  • Lord Ludicrous
    Lord Ludicrous

    Why are companies releasing shit u can't buy.

  • Arseniy Kozlov
    Arseniy Kozlov

    All videos on rtx 3k series are such teasers

  • Joe Woda
    Joe Woda

    The Ti's a lackluster overpriced POS. Glad the small supply of silicon can be wasted on this shit (For the record I got a 3080 for 1k so meh)

  • a a
    a a

    This is just embarrassing, doubling down on the same statements made in the 3080ti video.


    I can get the 3070 and the 3070ti for the same price. Which one should I get?

  • Cherios

    Remember when the "TI" meant around 20%+ performance, at a reasonable price bump. Now it's just a cash grab

  • Piyush Jena
    Piyush Jena

    Linus is just showing off by keeping half of world's 3000 series cards.

  • Charles Rush
    Charles Rush

    Forest Gump's mother said it, "Stupid is as Stupid does".

  • Boaz

    but why wouldn't I just get the rx 6800 xt, when it's 650 msrp and better in basically everything, even beating the 3080 often?

  • WeepWeep 222
    WeepWeep 222

    Linus you put 12gb memory for the 3080 non “Tie” edition bra 💩

  • bioshock3d -
    bioshock3d -

    Thank you, EVGA Elite queue

  • Ovoless

    bruh just bruh

  • Θανασης Καϊμακάμης
    Θανασης Καϊμακάμης

    Of course it is closer to 3070 than the 3080. Where will the "Super" be placed.

  • nicht stef
    nicht stef

    Lets Raid LTT’s Gpu storage

  • Jp

    Are you going to drop more beanies

  • Aaron Ogden
    Aaron Ogden

    In the UK you can get a brand new 2060 for £600. A mere 200% of it's original price 2 1/2 years ago. What a time to shop for GPUs to stick on a wishlist.

  • Eric LaVare
    Eric LaVare

    Don't worry Linus. Your right $600 retail for mid range base model is amazing. Ignoring the plus $200 for a better heatsink and the 2x can't buy it retail multiplier. Mid range graphics cards used to be $200- $300...then $300-$400...Now $1,200- $1,400 where you can get one. Luckily Linus and the ISnetsrs will be the only ones left able to afford PC gaming above minimum spec's soon.

  • Casanova Creed
    Casanova Creed

    Bro I literally go to that microcenter lol

  • Uzair 1812
    Uzair 1812

    How on Earth Linus can get so much GPU??Maybe he should sell it on ebay using u=auction and see how much it goes up to.

  • Praxtra_

    So.. with that insanely buffed memory, I wonder if the 3070ti will replace the 3060ti as the most popular mining card, once the anti-mining software is broken..

  • Hryssar

    Ah yes. Another card to release that is otherwise unobtainable unless I get the odds to win the lottery to get one. Hopefully the 40 series has some availability. But still can get good looking and great settings on 1080p displays

  • Zeta

    RX470 still working strong . . . I can wait...

  • Donnie M
    Donnie M

    I never thumbed down a video this year. The combo of the title and image along with the weak script earned one. Scalpers will fight. People who understand video cards will not.

  • Tobias Maier
    Tobias Maier

    And I'm here still waiting for an eMail from Asus for when they have a 3060TI back in stock...

  • sknk92

    I got a 3070 Ti from EVGA, not tryina fight like zoo animals for it at MC lmao

  • Vincent Chee
    Vincent Chee

    i have a 3070 hp oem, thinking of changing it to a zotac 3070ti i just had to add another... 350usd

  • ネーナ・トリニティ

    Why the hell doesnt Nvidia offer 20-series? They should cut the price of those and keep making em.

  • Alcozar


  • Matt Walsh
    Matt Walsh


  • Peyton Stockton
    Peyton Stockton

    Everybody's out here fighting over a 3070 ti while I just accidentally bought the wrong gt 1030 and am currently waiting to refund it

  • Superbot9341_2

    I got lucky. Ordered a new 3070 from scan uk for 520$ a week before the shortage 😃

  • Dream

    In my countrie Litterly our shops has give-aways FOR buying the card not for free no BUYING IT

  • Master Tuc
    Master Tuc

    3070 Ti goes way over and beyond the efficiency point of the GA104 die. Compared to it's little brother it seems just overpriced, hotter and less efficient version. Sure, if you get it for MSRP, it's a deal in the current climate, but in any other situation it looks like a clown product.

  • Nate Juarez
    Nate Juarez

    Half those people in the crowd don't even PC game. They are scalpers I've see like 4 them on offer up. This is crazy.

  • James

    Why can't you just sort the graph HIGH TO LOW. Jesus I feel like manufacturers actually pay you to make such graphs. I have to pause every time to have a comparative analysis. Just sort it like normal flok!! Jesus paid shills!!

  • ISuckAtAkali

    I came here just to make sure linus was ok... Ok byeee!

  • Kurt_g

    I am convinced Linus has a gpu spawner

  • bcc

    you're my favorite channel

  • Joel Rosas
    Joel Rosas


  • 中中游戏室

    0:18 the shortage of GPU, while Linux having 5 GPU on desk. TAT

  • Sila Seth
    Sila Seth

    I like the new indicator team, nice improvement but it's wayyyy tooooo thickkkkkkk lol

  • Chancho Qatari
    Chancho Qatari

    That's awful! Why are there so many blacks in Texas anyway? Chicago is always needing more people after every weekend :D

  • Chayse T
    Chayse T

    Not worth it.

  • Silent4ce -
    Silent4ce -

    This woundnt happen if you dont buy rtx 30 series twice

  • Ace of Potatos
    Ace of Potatos

    Over 80% of 30 go mining

  • Vipul Chaudhary
    Vipul Chaudhary

    Linus: People will fight for these Looks at 5 GPU's on his desk Also Linus: (Chuckles), I am in danger

    • James

      I agree Linus is being a shill but comon on the gpu on his desk part, first ur piss poor, second reviews often get it free or has the right connections to easily get it at price. Even you can get it now if you can spare the dough. Right now it's available just costs are inflated. Ur a moron

  • Xavier Franco
    Xavier Franco


  • Marre

    I’m willing to fight over to get a 2060 to get rid of my gt 1030

  • Onder Guler
    Onder Guler

    I’m still running my Vega 64. It’s 100% on its last legs… and I still ain’t gonna pay over the normal price for the next card.

  • Bedi Özuluseven
    Bedi Özuluseven

    Every other ISnetsr : this card is useless and a cashgrap by nivea /s 🅱️inus : 🅱️eople will fight over this

  • [2inch] 6Head
    [2inch] 6Head

    They should just do “ can only be purchased in store only, (1 per customer) “

  • TheWizardBrand

    This disappoints me as a 3070 user but the regular one finding out there’s a TI, which explains why it’s been lacking the gaming graphics

  • Da Rush
    Da Rush

    LTT. Could you please include DAZ 3D Nvidia Iray render results in your future benchmarks please? DAZ is very popular among amateur animators.

  • Optilex YT
    Optilex YT

    I will take any of the gpus on your table

  • Weltenleser

    Back in november people who bought a 3090 at near MSRP were called idiots, now now now, how the turntables xd

  • Runitsacow

    What if the cpus are next?

  • Freestyle

    this is how desperate US idiots are, no other country does this shit

  • Al C
    Al C

    You know sure i agree if you can get it at msrp go for it. however nvidia absolutely knows that this fighting is an issue. If they cared they wouldnt be releasing these new pointless fucking GPU's.

  • Kaleb Bruwer
    Kaleb Bruwer

    Are they just begging people to scrape every launch they put out? Their pricing has no relation to the market